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At the academic heart of UConn, the faculty and students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences pursue their questions and uncover the knowledge that ultimately enriches the material condition of our lives. They provide insight into how people behave and contribute to a profound understanding of the artistic, intellectual and emotional foundation of our culture.

casestatement-clas1.jpgThe College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) is the academic core of the University of Connecticut. Our faculty members study and teach everything from philosophy to physics. They educate more than half of UConn’s students, from the undergraduate to the Ph.D. level. Their basic research into the social, physical and natural sciences and the humanities builds our fundamental knowledge of the universe and the human condition. 

Strengthen the Core

Achieving the college’s full potential requires resources, ranging from sophisticated equipment in a science laboratory to funds for students and professors to travel to an archaeological site or a historical archive. CLAS will double its endowment from $25 million to $50 million in order to make these crucial resources available to the faculty and students. Private gifts will be used to significantly increase support for academic programs in the areas of greatest strength.

Academic Leadership

Investment in the faculty—the lifeblood of the academic, research and outreach enterprises—is critical to promoting outstanding scholarship and leadership. CLAS is committed to providing greater resources to increase scholarly activity and recruit and retain eminent teachers and scientists. In addition to new awards and fellowships, the college’s strategic plan calls for 10 new endowed chairs or professorships, doubling the number of endowed positions. These new endowed faculty posts will assist CLAS in fulfilling the college and UConn’s goals of providing leadership in areas critical to our future: the environment, health, science, human behavior, global culture and leadership development.

Graduate Support

Building support for graduate programs is essential to raising UConn’s profile. Graduate students are an integral part of the entire academic and research operation. They work at the cutting edge of disciplines, develop new knowledge, assist faculty members in vital research, help attract external research funding and teach undergraduate courses. The college’s goals are to triple support for graduate fellowships and develop a new CLAS Fellows program to train future scholars and advance knowledge.casestatement-clas2.jpg

Undergraduate Support

A CLAS education gives students the broad base of general knowledge, the critical thinking and writing skills, and the in-depth subject area knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing world. To continue attracting the best students from Connecticut and the nation, CLAS seeks to double support for scholarships and awards and develop a new CLAS Scholars program. Increased funding will enable CLAS to provide students with a wide range of innovative as well as traditional learning experiences and opportunities for intellectual growth.

Development Contacts

Becky McEnery, Director of Development  860-486-6851

Maria Quiray Lawrence, Assistant Director of Development 860-486-1190

Lida Mullarkey, Associate Director of Development 860-486-8410 

Assistant: Tracie Littell, Administrative Assistant 860-486-2032

Assistant: Deb Campbell, Program Coordinator  860-486-5661

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