Celebrating UConn's Longtime Supporters

We recognize and thank the thousands of long-term supporters who have contributed to UConn's rise in national prominence through the years. Your consistent giving is a tremendous source of strength and pride to UConn. We are grateful for your support. Thank you!

Private giving from alumni and friends is the hallmark of a great university. It means the University has touched a life, broadened a mind, expanded an opportunity, made a lasting difference.

The University of Connecticut is grateful to its dedicated donors, regardless of the dollar amount. Your private giving helps support scholarships for deserving students, endowments for prestigious faculty members to advance their teaching and research, and enrichment activities for study, travel and other activities that broaden and enhance the academic experience for the entire university community.




"The life and education experience I had at UConn changed my life for the better in innumerable ways. I give back to acknowledge the debt of gratitude I owe."

James C. Skridulis, PhD '80
29-Year Donor
Member, UConn Alumni Association


"Thanks to the professors who encouraged me to earn a BA in science and to Dr. Blick who influenced me to earn a MA in education, I enjoyed a 33-year career as a science teacher at Hartford Public High School."

Agatha A. Shepherd '54 '63
21-Year Donor
Member, UConn Alumni Association


"I've supported UConn since I was a student. I believe in supporting my state university, and know that my contributions make a difference. I also support UConn for students like my son, who is a Junior, and future generations."

Karen McAllister '87
21-Year Donor


"I appreciate everything UConn has done for me — academically, socially, and athletically."

Charles E. Dyson '60
30-Year Donor
Member, UConn Alumni Association


"As the flagship University of the state, it is essential to support UConn."

Donald A. Cipriani '69
23-Year Donor
Member, UConn Alumni Association


"The reasons I support UConn are simple: I give because I have an abiding affection and gratitude to a number of professors, some other people, the University in general and the Honors program in particular for the profound difference they made in my life and how I see things. Life is short and if my simple gifts make a positive difference in the life of even one person then it has been worth it."

Roger J. Cherney '73
21-Year Donor
Member, UConn Alumni Association

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