A New Era

UConn's meteoric rise in stature is attracting record numbers of undergraduate applications. Each incoming freshman class exceeds the previous one in academic accomplishment. Diversity is also on the rise, with students from minority groups making up 27% of the Class of 2017.

Attracting Exceptional Students

Scholarships play a vital role in recruiting the best incoming freshman class possible.

Whether based on financial need, academic excellence or both, scholarship support is a determining factor for countless students. When they weigh their college options, more often than not, a scholarship tips the balance.

Financial Assistance at UConn

For the 2012-2013 academic year:

  • 73% of undergraduates applied for need-based financial aid
  • 76% of those who applied received need-based financial aid
  • Of those who received need-based financial aid, only 7% had their need fully met

After the distribution of financial aid, unmet need totaled $31.2 million. Typically, students borrow to cover this unmet need. As a result, they are graduating with heavier debt burdens than previous generations.

The Power of Scholarships

Through scholarship support, you open doors to opportunity. Through scholarship support, you transform lives.

The future is brighter for all of us when worthy young people achieve the education they deserve.


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