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With state-of-the-art facilities at New England’s premier public research university, the School of Pharmacy is the first choice for the region’s best students and a magnet for renowned faculty and scientists. Strong growth in private support for academics and research will solidify the school’s worldwide prominence.

casestatement-sop1.jpgSince its founding in 1925, the School of Pharmacy has boasted an international reputation for excellence in professional and graduate education and research in the basic and clinical pharmaceutical sciences. UConn has a proud tradition of preparing first-rate pharmacists and talented scientists for the pharmaceutical industry and higher education. As the only pharmacy school in New England at a research-intensive public university, the school serves as the region’s foremost institution for learning and intellectual inquiry. 

Support a Vision

The school’s vision is to be regarded by our peers and other stakeholders as among the best in research and professional and graduate education. We are the first choice for the most qualified Connecticut, national and international students, and we wish our graduates to be highly sought after for positions in practice, teaching and pharmaceutical research. Building on a history of successful relationships, the school seeks to forge new strategic partnerships with local pharmaceutical and health care entities to develop innovative learning experiences and to promote research and extramural funding opportunities.

Strengthen Academics

As a professional school, the School of Pharmacy embraces a philosophy of preparing a select number of outstanding generalist pharmacists. We strive to recruit a diverse student population and ensure that financial challenges do not pose an obstacle for well-qualified and highly motivated students. Thus, the need for scholarship support remains great and is a top priority.

We also are committed to expanding the post-Pharm.D. residency and fellowship programs. As public financing diminishes, private contributions are vital to keep both programs going.

In graduate education, the school seeks a diverse cohort of domestic and international students. For decades, our graduates have been highly sought after and made important scientific contributions to medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics and pharmacology/toxicology. Additional endowed fellowships are essential to expanding the graduate program to continue meeting the needs of industry.

In today’s interconnected world, international educational and research opportunities are important strategic priorities. The school is committed to growing private support for study abroad, research collaborations and other international partnerships for our students and faculty members.

casestatement-sop2.jpgInvest in Faculty

Our faculty has been instrumental in the high regard with which our professional and graduate programs are held. The school’s first endowed professorship and two chairs enabled the school to recruit internationally renowned scholars. Moreover, endowed faculty positions help ensure that students are mentored by premier clinical and pharmaceutical scientists. New endowed professorships and chairs are critical to attracting and retaining distinguished scholars.

Expand Research Capability

The School of Pharmacy is distinguished by two research centers that bring together preeminent scientists into an environment that fosters collaborative research and excellence in education. The Center for Biochemical Toxicology trains scientists needed to spearhead local, regional and national issues involving toxic substances, their use and their regulation. The Center for Pharmaceutical Process Research promotes an interdisciplinary approach to research and catalyzes interaction between industrial and academic scientists.
If the School of Pharmacy is to continue to flourish as a research enterprise, the number of such centers must grow. With our successful record of public/private partnerships as a guide, we seek to develop additional research consortia that will enable us to leverage public dollars with private support.

Development Contacts

Adam Wilbur, Associate Director of Development  806-486-1927

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