Frontiers 2012

From the UConn Foundation's newsletter, Our Moment (May 2012)

2012-04-frontiers-poster.jpgOn Friday, April 13, 160 UConn undergraduate students showed off their hard work and research at Frontiers in Undergraduate Research 2012, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research, with support from the Honors Program. This annual event is the poster exhibition of student research, scholarship, and creative projects, and was a chance for students to highlight their work to the entire UConn community.

Some of this research was made possible through the generosity of UConn's donors. The UConn Foundation interviewed eight students during Frontiers and asked them about their research and how private giving has helped them follow their dreams.

We hope you enjoy the videos of some of UConn's brightest students, and perhaps you can join us in person for Frontiers 2013! Just click on the image of the student below to see their interview in its entirety. To see some of the research conducted in last year's "Frontiers in Undergraduate Research 2011," please click here.


Student: James Gaffney '12
Research: Investigating the Potential of Plant-Derived Molecules for Controlling Multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

Supported by private giving from the
Michael Alpert and Ariana Napier Award

2012-04-frontiers-hennessy.jpg Student: Briana Hennessy '12
Research: Getting to the Why: Teacher Practices that Support Mathematically Sound Student Justifications

Supported by private giving from the
Doug Anton Award

2012-04-frontiers-reese.jpg Student: Tyler Reese '13
Research: Analysis, Probability and Mathematical Physics
on Fractals

Supported by private giving from the
Roger Cherney Award

Student: Erik Johnson '12
Research: Development of Inhibitory RNA

Supported by private giving from the
Mark E. Karp Award

2012-04-frontiers-mcgrath.jpg Student: Allison McGrath '12
Research: 2011 Prague Quadrennial of
Performance Design and Space

Supported by private giving from the
Roger Cherney Award

2012-04-frontiers-patel.jpg Student: Nikisha Patel '12
Research: Evolutionary Radiation of Protea
in the Greater Cape Floristic Region

Supported by private giving from the
Roger Ballentine Award

2012-04-frontiers-peters.jpg Student: John Peters '13
Research: Age-Related Structural Changes
to the Ependymal Layer Lining the
Subventricular Zone Stem Cell Niche

Supported by private giving from the
William O’Hara Award

2012-04-frontiers-thomas.jpg Student: Georgia Thomas '12
Research: The Anatomical Basis for Low Wood Density
in Pelargonium

Supported by private giving from the
Roger Ballentine Award


Private giving makes it possible.

If you've given to support UConn, thank you.

To make a gift to support the Honors Program or undergraduate student research,
please visit their secure online giving page.

For information about giving to support the Honors Program and efforts like Frontiers,
please contact Susan Davison, director of development,
at 860.486.5677 or

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