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enews-image_newfooter-2014-web.jpgEvery year, private gifts help make higher education accessible and affordable for UConn students. In 2013, the Foundation provided approximately $8.4 million for scholarships and fellowships at the University, and donors responded to the difficult economic conditions by contributing $20 million in new gifts and commitments allocated for scholarships. The ultimate success of the University of Connecticut is the success of its students; as the stories below illustrate, scholarship and fellowship support helps UConn students reach their full potential.

To our donors, thank you! Please take a moment and tell us why you give to support scholarships at UConn

To UConn students who have received a scholarship, please tell us your story!

Past Scholarship Stories


"I am a senior majoring in physiology and neurobiology as well as molecular and cell biology. I am currently applying to medical school with the hope of one day becoming a surgeon. The scholarship support I received is helping me achieve my dream." 

Matthew Greenwood '15
Anthony E. Wallace and Helen B. Wallace Memorial Scholarship
Lt. Paul L. Drotch Memorial Scholarship
Posted Aug. 4, 2014


"As an aspiring music educator, my passion is to become not only the best teacher I can be, but the best musician I can be. This scholarship acknowledges the drive I have for music and supports my goals. I could not be more grateful." 

Sophia Koukoulas '16
Edward J.P. O'Connor Scholarship
Posted July 31, 2014


"UConn has given me the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. The Ronald and Lucy Meoni Scholarship aids in continuing my education as I pursue my bachelor's degree in health care management. In order to make the most of my experience, I am involved in several activities: Leadership Legacy Experience, SUBOG and a new organization I started, the Honors in Business Association." 

Quian Callender '16
Ronald and Lucy Meoni Scholarship

Posted July 28, 2014


"The best part about my experience at UConn has been the successful athletic environment and the highly-regarded academics, which has been gratefully funded by the The Schwartz Family Women's Athletics Scholarship Fund."

Elaine Chuli '16
The Schwartz Family Women's Athletics Scholarship Fund

Posted February 7, 2014


"Along with helping me fund my education in the Eurotech program at UConn, this scholarship supports a major that combines engineering with international affairs. Language barriers are sometimes the hardest to overcome, so continuing my education in the German language with respect to engineering and overall culture will significantly help American relations with Germany. Without this scholarship, I would be in a much tougher position and might not be able to pursue my goal of helping America get on top of the world market again."

Travis Braisted '17
Allan Brian Glickstein Scholarship

Posted May 5, 2014


"My Rowe Scholarship has given me the opportunity to participate in a variety of summer programs at the UConn Health Center, including the Health Disparities Clinical Summer Research Fellowship Program, Summer Research Fellowship Program and,for this summer, the MCAT/DAT Preparatory Program. I volunteer at both Windham Hospital and Generations Family Health Center and am a research assistant at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. I hope to do my Honors Thesis relating to one of the studies being done at CCMC."

Chevaughn Wellington '15
John and Valerie Rowe Health Professions Scholars Program

Posted May 5, 2014


"My time at UConn thus far has been amazing, I have not only enjoyed the volleyball program but the entire UConn family and this is all because of the Treibicki Family Endowed Scholarship that has given me these once in a lifetime opportunities."

Erika Thomas '16
Treibicki Family Endowed Scholarship

Posted January 29, 2014


"Receiving the Joseph B. Burns Scholarship has provided me the opportunity to attend and compete for one of the most well-recognized universities in the country."

Eric Yavarone '15
Joseph B. Burns Scholarship

Posted January 10, 2014


"This scholarship is allowing me to gain the skills and character values necessary to be able to succeed in the sciences. I am aiming to become a pathologist and am well on my way toward achieving that goal. I cannot thank you enough for the support this scholarship offers me, as there is no way my family would be able to fund my college experience. UConn is the perfect fit for me, and I am able to experience it thanks to the support of the scholarship."

Annabell Moquette '15
Leadership Scholarship

Posted January 6, 2014

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