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enews-image_newfooter-2014-web.jpgEvery year, private gifts help make higher education accessible and affordable for UConn students. In 2013, the Foundation provided approximately $8.4 million for scholarships and fellowships at the University, and donors responded to the difficult economic conditions by contributing $20 million in new gifts and commitments allocated for scholarships. The ultimate success of the University of Connecticut is the success of its students; as the stories below illustrate, scholarship and fellowship support helps UConn students reach their full potential.

To our donors, thank you! Please take a moment and tell us why you give to support scholarships at UConn

To UConn students who have received a scholarship, please tell us your story!


"The best part about my experience at UConn has been the successful athletic environment and the highly-regarded academics, which has been gratefully funded by the The Schwartz Family Women's Athletics Scholarship Fund."

Elaine Chuli '16
The Schwartz Family Women's Athletics Scholarship Fund

Posted February 7, 2014


"My time at UConn thus far has been amazing, I have not only enjoyed the volleyball program but the entire UConn family and this is all because of the Treibicki Family Endowed Scholarship that has given me these once in a lifetime opportunities."

Erika Thomas '16
Treibicki Family Endowed Scholarship

Posted January 29, 2014


"As I pursue my goals in academics and find my way to a successful profession, your scholarship not only helps me financially but also give me the positive reinforcement to keep pushing no matter how tough it may be."

Stephannie Bennett '14
Denis M. McCarthy Scholarship Fund

Posted January 14, 2014


"Receiving the Joseph B. Burns Scholarship has provided me the opportunity to attend and compete for one of the most well-recognized universities in the country."

Eric Yavarone '15
Joseph B. Burns Scholarship

Posted January 10, 2014


"This scholarship is allowing me to gain the skills and character values necessary to be able to succeed in the sciences. I am aiming to become a pathologist and am well on my way toward achieving that goal. I cannot thank you enough for the support this scholarship offers me, as there is no way my family would be able to fund my college experience. UConn is the perfect fit for me, and I am able to experience it thanks to the support of the scholarship."

Annabell Moquette '15
Leadership Scholarship

Posted January 6, 2014


"This scholarship has helped me so much and I hope that in the future I will be able to pay that help forward as I work to be the best audiologist I can be. I also hope that one day I will be able to be the support for someone else to grow and attain their dreams."

Torri Woodruff '15
Kollin DeNegre Memorial Scholarship

Posted December 27, 2013


"I am currently an Accounting major in UConn’s School of Business. I plan to continue to do extremely well and graduate with a great GPA and expendable knowledge. I hope to then go on to work for a nonprofit organization using my background in business to keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently. The future awaits my generation, and your scholarship has now made it financially easier for me to focus on school and my future impact on the world."

Alexis Chisolm '14
Theodore R. Rosenberg and Mary F. McVay Scholarship Fund

Posted December 18, 2013


"Receiving the Zachs award allowed me the opportunity to travel to and experience fifteen Tennessee Valley Authority dams, as well as complete photographic research at the National Archives Southeast Region in Atlanta, Georgia. The combination of field research, studio-based painting, and photographic documentation has significantly altered my working methodology. The resulting artwork is directly indebted to the donor's generosity and belief in funding and cultivating the creative arts. Thank you for this generosity and vote of confidence in my work."

Micah Cash '14
Zachs Endowment Fund in Fine Arts

Posted December 17, 2013


"I absolutely adore UConn. What I love about UConn, and what I like about my UConn experience, is that there are so many opportunities available for students to participate in. I am personally involved in an array of activities, including SUBOG, the Choral Club, Big Brother Big Big Sister, and the Red Cross Club. The award I received covered my textbooks for the fall semester which was extremely helpful. Ultimately, I hope to graduate UConn with honors and move on to graduate school for political science, earn my PhD, and become a professor."

Briana Bardos '15
John G. Hill, Jr. and John G. Hill, III Fund
Political Science Excellence Award

Posted December 12, 2013


"UConn has given me the opportunity to excel with a great quality of education, abundance of extracurricular activities, and an amazing faculty. Throughout my UConn experience, I have met many amazing TA's and professors who give me the time of day despite the amount of students they teach. I have enjoyed being a member of the Honors Program, Area Council, Men's club volleyball team, and several honors societies I am especially excited to intern in the Office of Environmental Policy this upcoming fall. I have even had the opportunity to study abroad twice in the last year; I spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica this winter studying Sustainability and Renewable Energy and 2 months in Germany studying German Language, culture and history.The Russell Palen Scholarship has relieved some of the pressures of paying for all the activities I am involved in. Every extra dollar helps and scholarships, especially, make students feel that the University and community wants to see them succeed. I was proud to be able to receive this scholarship at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources's scholarship ceremony and am very thankful. I plan to use the opportunities and knowledge gained at UConn to help me reach my goals of becoming a green consultant. I am hoping to continue to travel the world while learning and gaining perspective. The Russell Palen Scholarship has made accomplishing my goals more affordable and I really appreciate the help."

Christopher Bruno '16
The Russell Palen Fund

Posted November 22, 2013


"I am currently going into my senior year at the University of Connecticut and am now part of the Honors Marketing Program. One of the main reasons I am in need of scholarships such as these is because my future education plans include studying abroad this spring semester. The program I am most interested in is the Internship and Study program in London; unfortunately in order to be able to take part in such a great opportunity requires a good deal of extra money. This award has really helped to relieve some of the financial burden on my family and myself. Thank you."

Brittney Seyfried '14
Stanley H. Sussman Scholarship Fund

Posted November 18, 2013


"I would like to personally thank you for all of the emotional and financial support which you have allotted me during my time at UConn. Without the support by the Rowe Health Scholars Program, I would not be quite as successful as I am today. Due to your generous donation, I was able to take on a solo research project and was shortly after considered and then awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF) grant. This SURF grant allowed me to expand my study, which was ultimately started thanks to the Rowe Scholars program. The funds which I have received through the SURF grant have allowed me to attend the National Black Nurse’s Association’s (NBNA) annual conference in the vibrant city of New Orleans. The hope is that next year, as a graduate nurse, I will be able to return to the NBNA’s national conference and present my research, which was started as an undergraduate thanks to you! My next venture with Rowe is to hopefully study abroad in China for two weeks during the winter semester as an enrichment to my capstone. The Rowe study abroad/travel fund will allow me to do this as well. Overall, Rowe has given me so many opportunities that otherwise would not have happened. Thank you very much for your continued support, it means a lot to me and my future career as a nurse."

Mallory Perry '14
John and Valerie Rowe Health Professions Scholars Program Endowment Fund

Posted November 4, 2013


"UConn has always been my dream school, and having the opportunity to attend has been a wonderful ride of life-changing events. Being a recipient of multiple scholarships throughout my studies at UConn has made a huge difference in my life. It is an emotional blessing for my family; we truly appreciate everything the donors donate, and wish for them to know how much they have made a difference in my life. My goals for the future are to secure a full-time job after graduation, and eventually become licensed to practice as a CPA in Connecticut. Thank you for your donation and your assistance in making my life-long dream come true!"

Megan Hamilton '14
Recipient, Lt. Paul L. Drotch, USMC, Class of 1957,
Memorial Scholarship Fund

Posted October 30, 2013


"I have spent the last couple of years working in the Athletic Communications department, helping to promote UConn Athletics and its many teams through the media, website and other forms of communication. Currently, I serve as the secondary sports information contact for UConn Men’s Soccer. The role has enabled me to gain value experience in sports communications, representing one of the most prestigious soccer programs in the country. The generous funding afforded to me from Mike and Teresa Soltys as part of the Joseph J. and Elizabeth A. Soltys Scholarship has enabled to me continue to pursue my passion for the sports industry. I cannot overstate my appreciation for the scholarship and look forward to representing our great university in the future."

Jeffrey Piascik '14
Recipient, Joseph J. and Elizabeth A. Soltys Scholarship

Posted October 29, 2013
See related Direct from Donors story from Mike Soltys '81


"I will be starting my second year as a Ph.D. student in the History Department. I work with Dr. Micki McElya researching 20th-century U.S. working women. My current project examines the appropriation of the lives and work of Southern textile mill workers as the role of Crystal Lee Sutton in the TWUA union becomes the movie "Norma Rae," which then becomes a shorthand reference in popular media. This process establishes a cultural reference that shapes America's understanding of work and union organizing. The generous funding allows me to continue my studies and to bring my unique perspective to the doctoral program. The study of history expands our understanding of the systems of the world, our nation's place in geopolitics, and the larger humanity of which we are all a part."

Aimee Loiselle '17
Recipient, Outstanding Scholars Program Fellowship

Posted August 27, 2013


"My UConn experience has contributed significantly to my academic and personal growth. Without UConn, I would not have traveled on a life-changing study abroad trip to Guatemala, nor would I have gotten involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Good Stuff Good Works, and many other clubs and organizations here. I came to UConn not knowing at all what I wanted to do with my life, but through academic advisement and outstanding professors, I now have a starting point. I'm currently pursuing a degree in Business Management, concentrating in Entrepreneurship, and have completed two minors in International Studies and Spanish. This summer I'm interning at a start up software company, and hope to one day start my own business. I feel that my time so far at UConn has given me the skills and tools I need to be successful in whatever I do in the future. Thank you so much for helping me pursue my education without the financial burden that most other college-age students must carry. What you've given me is priceless."

Sarah Quirk '14
Recipient, Ed Satell Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Posted August 14, 2013


"During my four years at UConn it has become apparent that my own personal growth has not only been a direct result of the courses I have taken, but also the various opportunities that have been offered. For my senior year, I was accepted into the Student Managed Fund. In this program, nine other undergraduates and I were given the opportunity to invest $1 million of the university’s endowment in various equities. As any student will tell you, opportunities like the fund are the type of activities that fall under the category of essential. My participation in the group has done nothing but strengthen my passion for business and curiosity about how different companies operate and succeed. Overall, between the knowledge I have and will continue to gain from the hands on approach of managing the fund and the guidance provided by the advisors and faculty involved, it is quite difficult to properly state how beneficial my involvement with SMF has been.

Beyond my experience with the Student Managed Fund, your financial contributions have also given me the freedom to explore a variety of rewarding opportunities offered at the university. As a Finance major, I have been able to take a broad assortment of classes that expanded my horizon, but also prepared me well for a life outside of school. The combination of the gratifying academics and activities available on campus has allowed me to pick up a few things I never would have imagined, such as a passion for running and the ability to speak Italian."

Dominic Mangano '13
Recipient, Ed & Rosalie Zuraw Scholarship

Posted August 9, 2013


"Studying at UConn made me realize that I was better at math and science than I had originally thought and made me decide to switch into the engineering field. Changing my major into engineering was the best decision that I have made yet in my college career. This financial support has made a huge difference to me because I do not have to commute for my senior year of college and I have to take out fewer loans to pay for my education which will benefit me greatly in the future. After the completion of my undergraduate career, I will be pursuing my Master's degree in environmental engineering. Without the generosity of my donor, things would be a lot harder on me to pay for my education."

Cheryl A. Leith '14
Recipient, Dominick A. Pagano Endowed Scholarship

Posted August 7, 2013


"I was the lucky and grateful recipient of the Morrison Scholarship in 2012. I work at Saint Mary's Hospital as the Assistant Program Coordinator for the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Returning to school was always on my wish list and I was thrilled to be accepted to UConn Waterbury in 2010. Receiving my BGS Degree will be the realization of a dream that I have held fast to for many years. Finally, when my children were grown I decided to take steps to realize that dream and I am so very happy I did! Returning to school has given me confidence in my abilities and has enabled me to grow personally. My determination and focus surprise even me. Returning to school at this age means that I really want to be there and want to absorb everything I can. The scholarship money helped immensely given that I have two children in college also. My hope is that my degree will help me become the best person and employee I can be. This is not only a professional goal but a personal one as well. The advisors and professors at UConn have been very supportive. I am proud to be a Husky! Thank you Marsha Rutherford Morrison for your generosity in helping a returning female adult student reach her dream"

Lisa Trusch '15
Recipient, Morrison Scholarship

Posted August 1, 2013


"After completing my second year at the University of Connecticut, I have experienced all the challenges of balancing school work, extracurricular activities, and a healthy lifestyle. This year I have been involved in a few clubs such as Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, Chemistry Club, and Nutrition Club. Thanks to this scholarship, I am able to attend the University of Connecticut and pursue my goals of working in the nutritional science field. I am very appreciative to be given this opportunity."

Julia Boldy '15
Recipient, Samuel J. Orr Scholarship

Posted July 21, 2013


"This award has helped me immeasurably. Without it, I may not have been able to study abroad in Singapore. With the help of the Dr. Rizza Scholarship, I now type these words in a hostel in Dalat, Vietnam."

John Barrett '14
Recipient, Dr. Victor Rizza Memorial Scholarship

Posted July 17, 2013


"Thank you so much for your generous donation. I am having the time of my life at UConn being a part of the Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) Society. I will put this donation to good use and continue to excel in my academics."

Ben Sharpe '15
Recipient, Accenture Scholarship for Business and Engineering Students

Posted June 28, 2013


"This financial support has made a difference for me because it is a little less money that I will have to worry about paying in the future. Though I am currently undecided for a major, I will do my best in the classroom and continue to explore the various academic options and opportunities that UConn has to offer me. Thank you once again."

Wesley Hopkins '16
Recipient, Prince Hall Masonic Scholarship

Posted June 28, 2013


"This scholarship gave me so much hope and a better chance of accomplishing my dream--to graduate debt-free! This gives me even more confidence and even more of a reason to do exceptionally well in my academics knowing that i have support from other places outside of my own home. I plan to be involved in many extracurricular activities at UConn Stamford as the opportunities are presented to me, especially those which go to a good cause. My goal is to complete my bachelors in the field of business, and I am also considering attending graduate school to receive my MBA. I consider this scholarship to be a true blessing; a good deed such as this should not be unrecognized and I thank you deeply for the support."

Shaanan Domschine '16
Recipient, General Re Endowed Scholarship

Posted June 25, 2013


"You have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have. Thank you!"

Carianne Hoff '14
Recipient, Jan Keiley Scottron Scholarship

Posted June 21, 2013


"My experience at the University of Connecticut so far has been incredible. I've been in the school for only a year and I am extremely proud that I am a UConn student. What I like most about the school is the variety of activities one can get involved in and the diversity of people. I was honored to be accepted into the Alpha Lambda Delta Society, and also the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. That in itself made my first year in college remarkable. I hope to be able to continue studying at UConn and finish my Finance major. That for now is my most important goal. The financial aid that this award has given me is of tremendous help. I greatly appreciate the help you have given me so far. Your generosity means a lot to me."

Dayana Peykova '15
Recipient, Bank of America Scholarship and Janet M. and Leo B. Hansen Scholarship Fund

Posted June 17, 2013


"My career goal is to become the Director of Marketing at a professional sports arena or for a professional sports team. In order to help me fulfill this goal I am participating in extracurricular activities such as the Sports Business Association and the Marketing Society, in addition to my regular collegiate studies. With this preparation, I know I can become a passionate, hardworking, and successful employee no matter where I end up in the work force. Through the support of generous donors like yourself, this scholarship will help relieve some of the financial burden for myself and my family. Thank you!"

Ryan Probst '15
Recipient, William P. Lockwood Jr. '58 Memorial Scholarship

Posted May 24, 2013


"UConn has the school spirit, excellent academics, diversity, and for an in-state student, an affordable tuition. Any amount of financial support helps my family. I have a 15 year old brother who will be going to college soon too, and this scholarship will definitely help my parents. My goals are to make the Dean's List at UConn throughout my four years there. I also would love to transition from UConn Stamford to the UConn Storrs campus as soon as possible."

Angelica Daguplo '16
Recipient, General Re Scholarship

Posted May 20, 2013


"So far, my time at UConn has been an excellent experience and one of the main reasons I chose to attend UConn was because of its affordability to myself and my family. The scholarship that I received this past fall helped me enormously. My goal is to graduate with little to no debt and this scholarship has taken me one step closer to making that a reality."

Matthew McCann '17
Recipient, 25th Reunion Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund

Posted May 3, 2013


"I have made an effort to reach out in numerous ways to make myself an active member of the UConn SSW Community. I wanted to soak in everything the school has to offer. I feel that I have been successful in this goal because I live, breath and eat social work! My field placement is at Bristol Hospital’s Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit. There, I have learned the clinical aspect to social work in a fast-paced setting. Conducting individual sessions, daily group therapy, and family meetings has given me an in-depth look to the various treatment modalities. It has been incredibly informative to work collaboratively on a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and occupational therapists. Another opportunity I was lucky enough to experience was the travel study to Germany. We collaborated with the University of Merseburg Social Work students through culture, history and the ways of life of Germany. We shared in our learning of the Holocaust and the implications it has for social work practitioners. We traveled to Merseburg, Leipzig, Halle, Berlin, and the Buchenwald Concentration Camp Memorial in Weimar. This was truly an amazing experience."

Kristen Charpentier '13
Recipient, Miriam June Silverman Scholarship

Posted April 26, 2013


"Thank you for the Shapiro Dental Student Scholarship. My wife and I moved to Connecticut so I could attend UConn three years ago from Idaho, and have since had two boys. We love being here and feel extremely lucky that I'm able to attend UConn. I have been amazed at the opportunities given through the school. I'm receiving a top-notch education and just started seeing patients in the clinic at the UConn Health Center. Again, thank you. This scholarship means so much to me and my family."

Tyler Thomas '14
Recipient, Alec R. and Martha C. Shapiro Dental Student Scholarship

Posted February 17, 2013


"I just wanted to let you know that your fund has enabled me to present the work I am carrying out: researching pathogen and herbivory defense in tomatoes. I love showing other scientists what scholarship and accomplishments we have made. I hope that my work may one day help farmers protect their tomato crops (and perhaps eggplant, pepper, and other solanaceous plants) from disease and damage due to insects. Being able to attend conferences also advances my understanding of cutting edge science from which I can learn new techniques and developments."

Alice Zelman '15
Clifford R. Burr Memorial Scholarship Fund

Posted January 7, 2013


"I am enjoying my last year at UConn, taking challenging course load, and working hard to earn my Bachelor’s degree. After, I also plan on obtaining a Masters and eventually a PhD, but in between those milestones I want to work with the Healthcare/AIDS division of the Peace Corps in Africa. Regardless of the degree of my accomplishments and level of education I may possess in my future, my desire to learn more each and every day will never be satisfies. And, in a rapid and ever-changing world, we must constantly be learning if the necessary advancements in science and medicine are to be made. Although there are an endless number of career possibilities in the field of medicine and healthcare, my dream profession would be to work for the Center for Disease Control."

Kristen Sierman '13
Barbara E. Schreiber Memorial Scholarship Fund

Posted January 7, 2013


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