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The University of Connecticut Health Center is a vibrant organization composed of the School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, John Dempsey Hospital, the UConn Medical Group, UConn Health Partners and University Dentists. Founded in 1961, the Health Center pursues a mission of providing outstanding health care education in an environment of exemplary patient care, research and public service.

Bioscience Connecticut

uchc-bioscience.jpgThe UConn Health Center is an integral part of Bioscience Connecticut, the initiative led by Governor Dannel Malloy to spur the state’s economy and create a thriving bioscience sector for sustained economic growth. Bioscience Connecticut, which became law during summer 2011, is projected to create thousands of short-term construction jobs as well as thousands more long-term jobs in the biosciences, while establishing a vibrant research triangle among the Health Center’s Farmington campus, the University’s main campus in Storrs and Yale University in New Haven.

The $864-million plan calls for revitalizing the UConn Health Center’s campus, expanding the medical and dental classes, building new business incubators, creating centers of excellence with neighboring institutions and more. Expansion plans include building a new world-class patient tower, an outpatient ambulatory center and parking garages. Existing facilities will undergo major renovation, making room for updated infrastructure, state-of-the-art research laboratories and modern educational spaces. Through Bioscience Connecticut, business incubator space at the University will double.

Additional prominent clinician-scientists will be recruited to the faculty to contribute toward the Health Center’s academic, clinical and research programs. In an effort to address the worsening primary care doctor shortage, UConn and the state are developing a loan forgiveness program for medical and dental students who pursue primary care careers in Connecticut.

For more information about Bioscience Connecticut, please visit the official website for the initiative.

Health Care Services

Through John Dempsey Hospital (204 general acute care beds and 20 nursery beds), the Health Center provides specialized and routine inpatient and outpatient services. John Dempsey Hospital has long been regarded as the premier facility in the region for neonatal intensive care and high-risk maternity. It is also widely recognized for its comprehensive cardiovascular, cancer and musculoskeletal services. Additionally, John Dempsey Hospital is home scenics-uchc.jpgto the only Emergency Department in Connecticut's fast-growing Farmington Valley.

Also offered are a wide range of ambulatory and primary care services on the Health Center campus in Farmington and in physician offices conveniently located in West Hartford, Simsbury and East Hartford. The UConn Medical Group is the largest medical practice in Greater Hartford, offering patients access to health care services from more than 350 Health Center physicians in more than 50 specialties.

In October 2007, John Dempsey Hospital was honored with a 2007 Premier CareScience Select Practice National Quality Award for superior patient outcomes in both quality and efficiency. John Dempsey Hospital was one of 49 hospitals nationally, the top 1 percent of acute inpatient facilities, recognized with the Select Practice Award.

Connecticut's Public Flagship for Medical and Dental Education

Dedicated to providing broad educational opportunities in the biomedical sciences, the Health Center offers degree programs in medicine (M.D.), dental medicine (D.M.D.), and biomedical science (Ph.D.); master's degree programs in public health and dental science; postdoctoral fellowships; residency programs providing specialty training for newly graduated physicians and dentists; and continuing education programs for practicing health care professionals. Combined degree programs, such as the M.D./Ph.D., D.M.D./Ph.D., Dental Clinical Specialty/Ph.D. and M.D./M.P.H. are also offered.

The UConn Health Center is the only academic health center in the nation where a medical school was founded concurrently with a dental school. As the schools took shape during the 1960s, their planners took advantage of their simultaneous evolution to forge strong links between them. Most notably, medical and dental students share an essentially common curriculum during the first two years of their four-year degree programs. During this period they study the basic medical sciences together. This experience provides UConn's dental students with an especially strong foundation in the biomedical sciences that undergird the dental profession. Reflecting its close ties to medicine, the dental school awards its graduates the D.M.D. - doctor of dental medicine.

Through a variety of residency programs, the School of Medicine provides postgraduate training for more than 550 newly graduated M.D.s each year. These physicians come from all over the country to acquire advanced skills in fields such as the surgical specialties, internal medicine, and primary care. Some of the residency training occurs on the Health Center's main campus, but much of it takes place in community hospitals in Greater Hartford - thus extending the Health Center's influence far beyond Farmington.

Research Programs

Since the Health Center's inception, its administration and faculty have been committed to maintaining high-quality research programs as part of the institution's fabric. This commitment has enabled the Health Center to recruit distinguished researchers with expertise in neuroscience, molecular biology, molecular pharmacology, biochemistry, cell physiology, toxicology, and endocrinology, among other fields. The Alcohol Research Center, is one of only 14 such federally supported centers in the nation; the Connecticut Clinical Chemosensory Research Center, one of five.

Currently, the University is establishing a Center of Innovation that will include its new stem cell institute as well as cutting edge cell biology and genetics research. The new center, which will be located at 400 Farmington Avenue near the Health Center campus, will unite UConn scientists in a cross-disciplinary, collaborative setting to enhance Connecticut’s role as a leader in stem cell research and accelerate discoveries that ultimately could lead to therapies treating a broad range of diseases and disorders.

Clinical research is facilitated by the Lowell Weicker General Clinical Research Center and the Clinical Trials Unit. Intellectual endeavors of all kinds are supported by the Lyman Maynard Stowe Library.


The UConn Foundation operates a dedicated office to support development and alumni relations at the UConn Health Center.

Office of Development and Alumni Relations
10 Talcott Notch Road, Suite 100
Farmington, Conn. 06032
860.679.1878 fax

Alumni relations Web site: http://alumni.uchc.edu

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