Women and Philanthropy

photo of donors and supporters of the women and philanthropy program

We have the power

We know that women now give more than men to charitable causes—at every income bracket. We are stalwart supporters of a wide variety of causes, including our alma maters.

We know that women now make up the majority of students at many universities, after hundreds of years of being denied admission, but that there are extraordinary women who can’t attend because of financial hardship.

But above all, we know that we’re more powerful together. We know that when we combine our passion, our networks, and our commitment to UConn, we can transform the lives of other women. We can empower students to excel in the arts, in the sciences, and in business—and inspire them to give back, too.

Together, we have the power to help our university reach new heights.

Become one of the first 100

We invite you to join us as an early adopter of the UConn Women and Philanthropy program. Become one of the first 100 women to donate $500 toward a scholarship for UConn women and become part of an influential network of UConn alumnae. We’ll be hosting events throughout Connecticut so that we can meet and learn from each other.

Let’s show UConn what we can do.


Meet Founding Member Marilda Gándara

UConn trustee Marilda Gándara ’78 JD is helping to launch a new group called Women and Philanthropy that will be dedicated to fundraising, mentoring, and advocating for female students at UConn.

Gándara and co-chair Melinda Brown ’77 (BUS), ’85 MBA have already launched its first project: a scholarship drive called Women Transforming Women.

Read Marilda’s Story

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