RELEASE: UConn Alumni Association Votes to Dissolve

Members of the UConn Alumni Association (UCAA) have, by a vote of 1,852 in favor to 555 opposed, approved dissolving the organization and transferring most of its assets to the UConn Foundation in order to strengthen alumni engagement efforts.

Approximately 13,000 voting members of the UCAA had until Monday, June 29 to submit their ballots for consideration. More than two-thirds, or nearly 77 percent, of those who returned ballots voted in the affirmative, the threshold required for the dissolution to proceed.

The University Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board of Directors and the UCAA Board of Directors have already endorsed this change.

“We are gratified by the support and confidence that members of the Alumni Association have placed in us,” said Joshua R. Newton, president & CEO of the UConn Foundation. “We all want the same thing—a strong and vibrant UConn Nation—and this change will help us get there. We plan to dramatically increase the opportunities for all alumni and friends to stay close to UConn through expanded and improved programs and services.”

Lori Riiska, president of the UCAA, added, “This vote is great news for all 230,000 UConn alumni. Bringing all institutional advancement activities under one umbrella—instead of having two separate organizations with overlapping goals—will increase the level of resources available to support alumni. In fact, I’m pleased to hear that the Foundation already has plans to enhance career networking opportunities for alumni beginning this fall, as part of their new alumni services platform.”

Under the terms of the agreement, which are still being finalized, the UCAA’s assets—including approximately $6 million—will be transferred to the Foundation, specifically designated for alumni/chapter programming, scholarship support and maintenance of the Alumni House.