UConn Nation Gives: 2015 By the Numbers

The student whose life was transformed by a scholarship, the patient who received a free mammogram at UConn Health, and the U.S. veteran who took advantage of job training programs—they all benefited from philanthropy.

Thanks to you, UConn Nation, we’ve completed one of the most successful fundraising years in our history.

infographic detailing the amount given to uconn, which includes $78m raised in 2015

And with $38 million raised for scholarship support, you’ve helped transform the lives of so many UConn students—past, present, and future—so they can go on to accomplish great things. Here are just a few of the students and donors we’d like to recognize.


alumnus justis lopezalumnus richard minoffalumnae kathleen burrstudent javante danvers


We’re proud of our role. Accountability is at the core of our success. You can see all of the information we provide to the public—including our independently audited financial statement and 990 tax form—below.

Thank you for another successful year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016.