Internationally Recognized Real Estate Firm Invests in Students

UConn School of Business Real Estate Center
David J. Reilly, former and now retired CEO of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, addresses students in the course, “Real Estate: The Practical Approach.” (UConn School of Business)

An international real estate company is giving $1.4 million to the UConn School of Business’s highly ranked Real Estate Center to continue offering a popular course that gives students a realistic, hands-on approach to real estate.

The gift from Hartford-based Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers will make the course, “Real Estate: The Practical Approach,” a permanent addition to the Center. Prior to 2015, Cornerstone executives had been teaching the course with UConn faculty on a trial basis for three years.

“This gift will help attract and retain talented faculty and enhance the educational experience of our real estate students by linking them to the realities of the current real estate market,” said John A. Elliott, dean of the School of Business.

“It’s almost as if you are in the industry as an employee of a real estate company that has to make a decision on the transaction,” said Alex Cattell ’16, of Falmouth, Maine, who is currently enrolled in the class. “It’s the most real-world applicable class I’ve had since I’ve been here to date.”