Sample Thank You Note

What I love most about my UConn experience is finding the numerous traveling opportunities that UConn offers to students. UConn is not limited on the different opportunities they offer, so every student can definitely find something to match their specific preferences. I’m a member of the UConn Pre-Vet Club, as well as the UConn Yoga-Sangha Club.

Your financial support has made a major impact on my life because it has helped me follow my dream to study abroad in a country where I can learn about wild animals. I have a huge passion for animals, and my study abroad experience in South Africa has inspired me to pursue my dreams of traveling to learn more about the wildlife around the world. My long-term goal is to become a vet for exotic animals, and my experience in South Africa has expanded my knowledge about animals in a great way. I truly believe having this knowledge about African animals will make me an amazing veterinarian in the future.

Without the financial support from you, my generous donor, my dream of studying abroad would not have come true. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much!!!