Statement on Socially Responsible Investing

The UConn Foundation manages endowed funds donated for the benefit of The University of Connecticut. These assets are invested in a well-diversified portfolio under the stewardship of the UConn Foundation Investment Committee. The UConn Foundation’s investment policy is focused on governance, low volatility investment returns, institutional liquidity and investment manager selection. This investment policy is a guiding document which establishes goals and guidelines for the management of endowed assets.

The UConn Foundation’s Investment Committee, in its role as a prudent steward of institutional assets, will be aware of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles as well as established Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) principles in its investment process. Within the context of its fiduciary responsibilities, including the duty to achieve maximized, risk-adjusted investment returns, the Investment Committee will consider such principles on an ongoing basis in the administration of the Foundation’s investment portfolio.

The UConn Foundation’s Investment Committee and investment staff are regularly engaged in discussions with numerous University stakeholders on the topic of socially responsible investing. These stakeholders include students, faculty and university staff. Additionally, the Committee has taken steps to educate itself on the best practices employed by peer institutions, both through professional relationship and a broad review of publicly available data on such institutions. The Investment Committee has made great efforts to review its approach to these issues and evaluate the alignment of its investment philosophy with the issues facing modern investors.

Over the years, the UConn Foundation has invested in a number of opportunities that are both financially-rewarding and socially-impactful such as solar farms, sustainable farming, residential power storage devices, and coal exhaust capture technology. The UConn Foundation will continue to give due consideration to the negative externalities of a prospective investment, however, fulfilling its duty to achieve maximized, risk-adjusted investment returns to support the students and faculty of the University of Connecticut will always be its main objective.