Investment Analyst

General Description Purpose

The Investment Analyst is primarily responsible for working with the Director of Investments and SVP of Finance and Administration with the oversight of Foundation investment portfolios including current and potential manager reviews, due diligence, portfolio analysis, reporting and modeling, cash management, and other operational duties.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

Collaborates with the Director of Investments to prepare monthly, portfolio-level investment reports including narrative descriptions and analysis of positions, activity and performance, risk, attribution, comparative objectives and manager specific benchmarks, and various forms of liquidity on all investment portfolios managed by the Foundation ensuring all are performed in a timely manner. With the Staff Accountant, calculate and reconcile performance of each manager to accounting records maintained in the general ledger and to the reports of outside consultants. Update regular investment communications such as the Foundation website with performance and asset allocation data. Assists in the preparation of materials for meetings of the Board of Directors and the Investment Committee.

Perform ongoing due diligence of current managers in accordance with due diligence program including firm profiles, review of regulatory filings, changes in key personnel, and site visits. Liaise with investment managers, custodians, and outside consultant(s) regarding investment matters. Manage relationships and act as liaison with investment and back office personnel at the Foundation’s investment managers.

Performance and risk analysis of the long-term investment portfolio, and related projects including optimization modeling and analysis based upon volatility and liquidity constraints

Ensure that current and prospective manager data and materials, and investment team notes/analyses, are updated in the CRM system (Backstop software) in a timely and consistent basis. Liaise with custodians, outside consultant(s), and investment and back office personnel at the Foundation’s investment managers.

Vet potential investment ideas and specific managers including related preparation of materials to be presented to the Director, SVP of Finance and Administration, and potentially the Investment Committee for consideration of a recommended investment.

Collaborate with the Staff Accountant to forecast weekly and monthly cash requirements, logs and ensures occurrence of all electronic cash movements including flows to/from managers (including capital calls) and movements related to management of University endowments (e.g. spending allocations). Recommend appropriate transfers of funds on projected cash flows and approved strategic asset allocation guidelines for the endowment. Prepares documentation for wires to/from fund managers and banks. Obtains proper authorizations and initiates all electronic cash movements. Manage relationships with cash management personnel at banking institutions.

Perform special projects and numerous other operational duties as assigned.

Key Competencies

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills essential.
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills.
  • Strong computer skills including financial modeling, forecasting, and risk systems.
  • Knowledge of investment performance measurement theory and systems.
  • Strong knowledge of various investment principles, vehicles and strategies.
  • Self-starter with ability to work with limited supervision.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of related experience.
  • Experience in alternative investments preferred.