How to Give

Types of gifts donors can make.

$5.75 Million Grant to Focus on Improving Public Discourse

The John Templeton Foundation has awarded $5.75 million to the UConn Humanities Institute for research on balancing humility and conviction in public life. The grant is the largest for the humanities ever awarded to UConn, and is one of the largest humanities-based research grants ever awarded in the United States. “As this presidential campaign is […]

Largest Number of Student Groups Ever Competes in Crowdfunding

Starting today, 33 student groups will compete in a nationally recognized campus-wide crowdfunding competition, the largest number ever. Student groups use the Ignite fundraiser to help pay for their activities, trips, or equipment. Last year, for instance, the UConn Marching Band raised money for a tower planned for the practice field while the Pre-Vet club […]

Chemotherapy Suite Named After Advocate for Cancer Patients

When cancer patients step into the chemotherapy area at the UConn Health Outpatient Pavilion, they may be reminded of a cozy library at a four-star hotel. The waiting area is lined with floor-to-ceiling, cherry bookshelves loaded with 1,800 books. Carpeted and painted in soothing greys and creams, the room has two couches and is dotted […]

2015 Crowdfunding Campaign Ignites Student Philanthropy

Teaching UConn students the importance of philanthropy is the goal of HuskyDrive’s Ignite campaign. The recent conclusion of the current campaign, now in its third year, proves the program is working. More than $34,000 was raised in this year’s campaign. There were 1,644 donors—1,166 were student and young alumni donors. The top three teams this […]

Through a Memorial Fund, A Great Professor’s Legacy Endures

Students sat up when Milton Stern entered the classroom. He would recite poems, pace up and down the aisles, and ask probing questions. He’d read passages aloud with dramatic flair and leap across the room in order to prove a point. Milton—better known as “Mickey”—Stern was a longtime professor of English at UConn. He kept […]