Is the UConn Foundation still operating?

Yes. Staff are telecommuting while our facilities are closed following guidance from the state and University mandates for coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention. Our operations remain up and running to accept and process gifts made to support UConn.

Can I still make a gift to support UConn?

Yes. Thank you for supporting UConn. Your support is more important than ever. Gifts may be made online as well as through several other methods—you can see the list here. Online giving is strongly encouraged while our facilities are closed. All gifts will be processed and acknowledged as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while acknowledgments may take a little longer than usual.

How can I help with my donation?

There are two main ways to provide immediate and impactful support for the greatest needs.

Students First Fund: This fund helps UConn provide items to meet students’ needs following unforeseen circumstances or unanticipated hardships, such as illness, a death in the family, loss of employment, fire, flood, and similar misfortunes. Your gift will be used to paying expenses for transportation, books, clothing, gift certificates for grocery stores, and other convenience measures appropriate at times of loss.

Fund for UConn Health: This fund supports the greatest needs across UConn Health. UConn’s academic medical center is on the front line responding to the coronavirus. UConn Health is providing critical patient care and serving as one of the state’s primary sources for vital public health information and outreach. Thank you for making your gift online.

How do I find out about event cancellations?

All events through April 6 have been canceled. We will update this article with more information as the situation evolves. Registered guests will be notified when events are canceled. Please refer to our calendar to see the status of specific events.

I have paid for an upcoming event that has been canceled. Can I get a refund?

Yes. Registered guests for any canceled events will receive automatic refunds.

I scheduled an event at the Alumni Center. Will my event be canceled?

All events are canceled through April 6. All hosts of events that have been canceled have been notified.

How do I contact the UConn Foundation?

We look forward to connecting with you. Routine questions can be emailed to Email is the best way to reach staff members directly. Please see our staff directory for a complete list.

Is UConn open?

For updates about UConn and UConn Health’s campuses and response to COVID-19, please view the latest status for UConn campuses here.