Crowdfunding at UConn

UConn offers multiple University-wide crowdfunding opportunities every year for students and professional staff. Review the options below to find the right crowdfunding initiative for you.


Since 2014, Ignite has been a great tool for students to raise money for the cause that means the most to them. Whether it be for equipment for your student group or special interest project, Ignite supports students through online giving.

Participation in Ignite gives students the autonomy to create a better UConn on their own. Students supporting students.

After applying teams will attend a mandatory training to learn more about the program.

Ignite Law

Following the same model as regular ignite, Ignite law focuses on the student groups of UConn Law.

Ignite Club Sports

The newest addition to the Ignite family is Ignite Club Sports. In the fall, each club sports team uses their competitive nature to raise money for their respective sport. This is a critical opportunity for them to raise money for travel, lodging and other fees that come along with their sports.
how it works

How it Works

Ignite and UConn Gives use crowdfunding to help groups reach their network and raise money for what matters the most to them. Each team determines what their funds will be used for and works throughout the program to solicit donations from their peers, family, alumni and the UConn community.

The teams create their own giving pages where they can direct donors to read more about their cause and encourage them to donate. Our programs have support from professional fundraiser at the UConn Foundation while maintaining the ease of other crowdfunding platforms.

Want to learn more?

For additional information about crowdfunding, please contact:

Madeline Sanzo '20
Assistant Director of Annual Giving