Boucher Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Fund

Gifts to the Boucher Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Fund provide support to academic programs at the School of Business that collaborate entrepreneurship research and its application to creating businesses and educate on commercialization of technology.

help us continue our mission of delivering innovative and cutting-edge education to our students.

The Boucher Department of Mangement and Entrepreneurship, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and prepare our students for the future of business. To continue our innovative approach, we need flexible resources to pilot new programs and experiment with novel approaches to delivering education. As the market evolves, we need to respond quickly to ensure our students are prepared not for the jobs of tomorrow, but for the future of business. Your donation will help us to create new programs, update existing ones, and experiment with new approaches to teaching that will prepare our students for the ever-changing landscape of the business world. With your support, we can continue to provide the high-quality education that the UConn School of Business is known for and ensure that our students are ready to tackle the challenges of the future. We are grateful for any support you can provide, whether it is a small donation or a larger contribution. Your generosity will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and help to ensure the continued success of the UConn School of Business. Thank you for considering a donation to our fund. Your support is greatly appreciated.