EEB Biodiversity Greenhouse Fund

Gifts to the EEB Biodiversity Greenhouse Fund provide support for improvements to the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Greenhouses, including both teaching and research facilities.

The UConn Botanical Conservatory, part of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB), is one of UConn’s best-kept secrets.  

Tucked behind the Torrey Life Sciences Building, the Botanical Conservatory (formerly the EEB Greenhouses) contains the largest diversity of plants under glass at a public institution in the Northeast. Our collection of nearly 3,000 species supports cutting edge research, teaching, and outreach at the intersection of climate change, plant biodiversity, and conservation biology. Many of these species are rare in the wild, and some are even extinct. 

We ask you to give in support of the Botanical Conservatory, which protects UConn’s incredible plant biodiversity collection. Your gift to the EEB Biodiversity Greenhouse Fund will impact the future of our program in the following ways:  

  • Supporting student success. Thousands of UConn students each year discover intrigue and mystery in the plant world at the Botanical Conservatory. From the biochemical and electrical marvel of photosynthesis to the evolutionary history of a tree, learning fostered in the Conservatory and the classroom encourages students to see the living world around them through a green lens. 
  • Bolstering climate and biodiversity research. Our diverse and unique living plant collection supports research at UConn that focuses on urgent global biological problems, including biodiversity, conservation biology, and plant responses to climate change. Our staff handle over 150 national and international requests for material each year and 20+ scientists from around the world visit the UConn Botanical Conservatory. 
  • Strengthening community impact. The Conservatory is open to the public and hosts educational events for our community. Groups ranging from school children to senior citizens visit from across the state.  The Conservatory is a beloved UConn landmark: many students tell us it is their favorite place on campus! 

 The UConn Botanical Conservatory is where UConn students and residents of Connecticut can experience living diversity!  Please consider a gift to the Botanical Conservatory Conservatory today!