The Werth Institute Support Fund

Gifts to the Werth Institute Support Fund provide support for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium including nurturing student and faculty innovation, expanding the Consortium into a University-wide institute, and support for the general purposes of the Werth Institute.

In 2020, The Werth Institute piloted NetWerx with a goal to build bridges between current students and UConn alumni through mentorship engagement opportunities centered around the entrepreneurial mindset and career exploration within entrepreneurship, finance, technology, innovation, and related fields.

By December 2020, more than 200 alumni mentors joined the program providing over 1,000 opportunities for students to interact. As of June 2021, 151 new mentors have been onboarded.

These relationships are supported by a mix of NetWerx Volunteer Mentors who work with students one-on-one and NetWerx Alumni Career Coaches who work with over six students in one cohort. The cost to support one NetWerx Alumni Career Coach is $5,000. Not only do the NetWerx Career Coaches work with the students, but they also help to support program operations, and assist with strategic planning initiatives.

Your support will allow us to increase the number of NetWerx Career Coaches, giving more students the opportunity to develop relationships with UConn alumni that foster feelings of competence and independence as they grow their entrepreneurial mindset, personal identity, and create their own pathways to leadership.