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School of Medicine Neuroscience Research Fund

Gifts to the School of Medicine Neuroscience Research Fund support research in neuroscience centered around understanding the normal function and disorders of the nervous system.


William Beecher Scoville Chair in Neuroscience

Gifts to the William Beecher Scoville Chair in Neuroscience Fund will be used to provide financial support for an endowed chair within the Department of Neurosurgery within the University’s School of Medicine.

lab staff


Neuroscience Lab Research Fund

Gifts to the Neuroscience Lab Research Fund will provide support for essential supplies, equipment, and general improvement for the Martinelli lab at UConn Health.



brainLENS Fund

Gifts to the brainLENS Fund support activities related to neuroscience research on children’s learning, dyslexia, resilience, and others, as well as professional development, parent informational sessions, and science outreach to students performed by UConn brainLENS affiliated faculty, staff, and students.

School of Medicine

Regenerative Neuroimmunology Support Fund

Gifts to the Regenerative Neuroimmunology Support Fund will support all activities related to neuroimmunology in the Department of Neuroscience including but not limited to clinical initiatives, program initiatives, education and research.

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