Lauren S. Kahn CLAS 68′

Lauren S. Kahn, UConn BA 1968; Harvard Juris Doctor 1971; passed away at home in December 2023. She had worked for the Justice Department as an ADA after graduation. After raising her family, Lauren became a Public Defender in D.C.’s Superior Court. Lauren was an avid and accomplished genealogist, having created a tree that went back 5+ generations while finding 3rd and 4th cousins all over the U.S. Once retired, she began a life of extensive international travel, so much a fixture of the Home Exchange network that she was featured in a documentary for having done the most exchanges on record at the time. She lived in McLean, VA and was pleased to welcome tourists as a certified tour guide in Washington, D.C. She is survived by her children Elizabeth Rosendorf-Hoard of Rockville, MD, and Andrew Rosendorf of Minneapolis, MN; and her sister Judy Kahn of RIverdale, NYC (UConn CLAS 1972), and many cousins.