Building the UConn Experience

From freshman move-in day to graduation and beyond, you have the power to make your child’s experience at UConn unforgettable.

Donations to the Parents Fund are directly invested in the Division of Student Affairs, supporting students through innovative programs that promote student learning, personal development, and academic success. Through the Fund, we provide the resources necessary to prepare tomorrow’s leaders: your sons and daughters.

Support UConn

Why Other Parents Give

“For us parents, nothing can be more rewarding than investing in the future of our very own Huskies!” – Gurol A.

“We are happy to support the efforts UConn is making in the education of the next generation of Connecticut residents.” – Thomas F.

“Proud to be an alum and thrilled to have my son continue the legacy as a freshman this year.” – Sue B.

“Our daughter loves UConn and we are happy to support this excellent institution and all its opportunities.” – Laurie W.

What the Parents Fund Supports

Student Health and Well-being

Students are emotionally, mentally and physically healthy, make responsible choices, and take responsibility for both their own safety and well-being and that of the community.


With access to the Division’s diverse staff, programs and services, students will learn to respect, navigate and thrive in a diverse environment.

Student Engagement

Students feel connected to the UConn community, persist to graduation, and develop as citizens and leaders of their future communities.

Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Students feel welcome and have access and opportunity to engage with a community that is inclusive of all forms of diversity and appreciates multiple voices and perspectives.

How to Get Involved

As a parent or family member, you play an important role in our unique community. Your involvement on campus and in support of UConn helps raise the value of your child’s experience and, ultimately, their degree.