Statement on Public Disclosures and Legislative Proposals

The UConn Foundation is one of the most transparent non-profit organizations in Connecticut. Senate Bill 333, passed by the General Assembly in the Spring of 2016, further strengthens the Foundation’s commitment to educating members of the public and legislature about the Foundation’s work.

“We believe this legislative compromise strikes the right balance – protecting those donors who wish to remain anonymous while also increasing the level of transparency and reporting required of our non-profit organization to an unprecedented level. We thank legislators on both sides of the aisle for their collaboration and leadership. The UConn Foundation looks forward to continued communication with all stakeholders, including legislators, about the impact philanthropy is having on Connecticut’s flagship public university and its students.”
Joshua R. Newton
President and CEO
UConn Foundation

You can read an article about the bill in the CT Mirror, or find more information about the actual bill on the website of the Connecticut General Assembly.

See below for a list of some of the documents made available by the Foundation:

More documents can be found on our Governance and Disclosure page.