Student Giving

student holding a whiteboard that reads "thank you to our donors for I wouldn't be here achieving my goals without my scholarship"students holding a whiteboard that reads "I am thankful for our wonderful sense of community"jonathan the husky with a whiteboard that reads "I am thankful for my handlers at APO"


Have you checked off the one-ton sundae from your UConn bucket list? How about cheering on the basketball team at Gampel? Did you know that giving back as a student is another item on the UConn bucket list. Student giving is a point of pride of the UConn Foundation.

Try another proud UConn tradition: giving back.

Student giving is a point of pride for the UConn Foundation. We know it might be tough to find money to donate, so we’re here to help you find ways to give as a group.

Student Alumni Association
Join the Student Alumni Association (SAA) which holds a great sense of pride and tradition in the University.

UConn Ignite
Raise money for your favorite cause through our annual crowdfunding campaign.  The UConn Foundation supports student organization’s efforts to fundraise through Ignite.

You benefit from philanthropy. Pay it forward.

Donations from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, and your fellow students have had an impact on your campus experience by supporting:

  • Scholarships
  • New equipment and technology
  • Guest lecturers and speakers
  • Student and faculty research
  • Study abroad programs
  • Clubs and activities
  • Career advice and professional development
  • Much, much more.

Why should you give back to UConn?

Giving improves not just your student experience, but the experience of future students.

When high percentages of students and alumni give back, it affects UConn’s national rankings—and when UConn rises in the rankings, it makes UConn degrees all the more valuable.

Most importantly: Giving helps others.

Continue the tradition of giving at UConn by making a gift today.