Unleash Opportunities. Support Scholarships. Transform Lives.

When you make a scholarship gift, you put a UConn education within reach of a promising student and instill the confidence to succeed. You motivate an accomplished student to work even harder and explore new perspectives. You create an opportunity for a talented student to be the first in his or her family to attend college.

You make the difference.

UConn’s scholarship program is a vital tool for maintaining academic quality and socioeconomic and ethnic diversity. Without scholarships, many students would not be able to attend UConn or complete a degree.
In 2018–19, 48.9 percent of 11,743 undergraduate students in Storrs received support.
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In fiscal 2018, UConn awarded $198 million in scholarships and grants to students across all campuses.
our hearts are full of gratitude

Supporting scholarships is a profound experience for many donors. By making gifts in memory or in honor of loved ones, thousands of donors have helped their loved ones’ passion for education transcend their lifetimes. The impact of their legacies is seen across the entire University and beyond, benefiting students like Maria, Benjamin, Katarina, and Ezigbobiara, whose hearts are full of gratitude for the empowering experience of receiving a scholarship.