Writing Your Thank You Notes

Throughout UConn Gives and UConn Health Gives, April 17-18, 2024, you’ve communicated impact to your donors by regularly sharing your progress towards goals. Now it’s time to relay your own message of thanks and impact by sending personalized communications to your donors. 

A few reminders:

Each school/college/unit is responsible for sending their own thank you communications, whether by mail or email.

Why thank Giving Day donors?

There are thousands of reasons to give, but one shared result: providing an exceptional educational experience for our students. Take some time to thank your donors who made your initiative a success. Share with them the impact both their individual and collective support will have and why their support in 36 hours was so important.

How should we thank Giving Day donors?

  1. Be timely. Send your thank you message within 24-48 hours after UConn Gives and UConn Health Gives has ended. If we’re asking donors to give with urgency, we should also be thanking them in a similarly timely manner.
  2. Be personal. Write from your experiences, inviting those who will benefit from donors’ support to talk about the impact it will have on them. Illustrate how all gifts, regardless of size, make a meaningful difference. When possible, personalize with the donor’s name.
  3. Be authentic. Choose a communication vehicle that works for you, resonates with your donors, and achieves a timely and personal acknowledgment. Consider options like:
  • Handwritten notecard
  • Standardized postcard with image related to your project/unit on front and short message on back, possibly with a signature (electronic or handwritten) or short handwritten note
  • Email with customized thank you message; consider including an appropriate image depicting your project or linking to a YouTube video of your project or recent news through your website or UConn Today

Quick Tips:

  • Show tangibles. What will the collective gifts be able to provide your school/college/unit? Show tangibles and quantify when possible (e.g. Funds will provide three more study abroad student experiences, one additional lab space, XYZ equipment). The key is to creatively utilize any customization appropriate to your school/college/unit.
  • Visualize the impact. Use photos or video. Show the lab space, XYZ equipment, or students rather than just using a generic image.
  • Use a genuine voice. Consider additional personalization from leadership (e.g. Dean or program director) or through the voice of your beneficiary (e.g. scholarship student or faculty member). It can be more moving for the donor to hear directly from those benefiting from the support rather than someone in a leadership position who is removed from the activity/program.

Here are some ways to express your gratitude that can be customized to your project:

  • “Together, we do great things! Thanks to the remarkable support from donors like you, we collectively raised $___ for [Fund Name] during UConn Gives 2024! These funds will allow us to explore ___ and ___, reaching new levels of excellence!”
  • “Your gift during UConn Gives 2024 has an immediate impact and will support our goals of ____ and ____ in [School/College/Unit]. Thank you for helping make our giving day a HUGE success!”
  • “We did it! Thanks to your support during UConn Gives 2024, we will be able to [help/do/accomplish] __ and __ this year!”
  • “Together, we do great things! Thank you for responding so quickly and rallying together for 36 hours of giving during UConn Gives 2024. Thank you for all you do for your fellow Huskies at [School/College/Unit].”
  • “From around the world and close to home, your support truly speaks to the strength of UConn Nation. From all of us here at [School/College/Unit] – thank you for your generosity during our annual UConn Gives! We couldn’t have reached our goal without you.”
  • If you’re stuck, consider the tone in some of these personalized ways to say you’re grateful:
    • I look up to you because…
    • I couldn’t have done it without you…
    • A heartfelt thank you for…
    • You made a difference when you…
    • I was so encouraged by you when…
    • If I could give you a standing ovation…
    • You boosted my day when you…
    • You were such a help when you…
    • All the credit goes to you for…
    • You made my heart smile when you…
    • You made my day when…
    • You are amazing…
    • I want to acknowledge…
    • You were so generous when you…
    • It was such a surprise when you…
    • I will always remember the time when…
    • The world needs more people like you…
    • It was thoughtful when you…
    • I could tell you were rooting for me when…
    • I felt so special when you…
    • Can we take a minute to acknowledge what you did for me…
    • You inspire me to…
    • What you did meant so much to me…

Sample Letters

Customize your message



In 2022, we decided to renovate several of our classrooms at the School of XYZ. After much discussion and planning, we decided to prioritize the West Wing to create new lab space and additional seminar rooms for our students.

Fast forward to today, we are happy to see this project coming to fruition! Thanks to your remarkable support, we collectively raised $20,000 during UConn Gives 2024 to start the blueprints for the West Wing Naming! These funds will allow our students access to state-of-the-art classrooms and the chance to explore new collaborative methods of XYZ in our new labs.

Thank you for helping us reach new levels of excellence. Together, we do great things!

With heartfelt thanks,

John Doe
Dean, School of XYZ

For scholarship funds:

Sometimes the best people to convey gratitude are those whose lives will truly be changed. Try working with students who can speak to their experiences and how scholarship support has opened opportunities for them to excel in the classroom and in their future careers.

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams here at UConn. I plan to do/accomplish/study XYZ in the future.
  • Each gift matters – thank YOU! I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish here at UConn, which is made possible through scholarship support from XYZ.
  • Thank you for investing in my future. Donors like you make me proud to be a Husky!
  • Your gift during UConn Gives 2024 will make a positive impact on my education and experience at [School/College/Unit].
  • You’re helping students like me create so many wonderful memories at UConn. Thank you!
  • Thanks for creating opportunity and for allowing me to reach new heights!



Thank you for your generous support of ABC Scholarship Fund at the College of XYZ.

Your support for XYZ during UConn Gives is opening doors for me and helping make my dreams a reality. Because of you, I will be able to study abroad in London next year! I’ve never been out of the country before, and I can’t wait to explore a new culture.

I appreciate your investment in my future and can’t wait to share what I’ve been able to accomplish through [Program/Project/School]. Thank you!

[Student Name], Class of ____

Thank Donors Through Email

Email subject line:

  • 36 hours- A lifetime of ____!
    • Research: “36 hours- A lifetime of cures!” or “36 hours- A lifetime of innovation!”
    • Faculty: “36 hours- A lifetime of mentorship!” or “36 hours- A lifetime of excellence!”
    • Study abroad: “36 hours- A lifetime of adventure!”
    • Scholarship: “36 hours- A lifetime of possibilities!” or “36 hours- A lifetime of learning!”

From: Director’s email

To: Donor’s email

Subject: 36 hours- A lifetime of good health!



We were reminded of the power of philanthropy power of philanthropy during UConn Health Gives 2024. In just 36 hours, we raised an astonishing $10,000 which will provide enriching educational opportunities for our students pursuing health-related careers!

Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to send two graduate students to the annual XYZ conference. Our students are eager for the opportunity to engage their peers, partake in the national debate around ABC and learn best practices to help us build robust programs to tackle these issues.

Together, we’re making great strides in patient care and healthcare innovations. And because of your meaningful support, we will be able to continue our spring seminar series in 2024!

Thank you for championing our success. Together, we do great things!

Jane Doe
Director of XYZ, Institute of XYZ