Public Disclosure Information

The UConn Foundation, Inc., (EIN 06-6070722) is a separate tax-exempt corporation that provides the following tax and legal information to the public.

Tax and Disclosure

University Incorporation

Donor Privacy and Fundraising Policies

  • Endowed Fund Spending Allocation and Fee Policy: Information on the percentage of funds allocated for endowments and the fees assessed on non-endowed contributions.
  • Endowed Spending Policy: Full legal language on the endowed fund spending allocation.
  • State Fundraising Notices: Charitable contribution laws and information for residents of states that require fundraising notices.
  • Website Privacy Policy: Information about what the Foundation gathers through online sources, what vendors we use and their privacy policies, and other statements on online privacy.
  • UConn Health HIPAA Opt-Out Form: According to the privacy provisions of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, UConn Health and the UConn Foundation can use certain information to contact you. Fill out this form if you would like to opt out of these fundraising communications.
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