Show your Husky pride by putting an official UConn plate on your ride! The UConn license plate fundraising program supports UConn alumni programs.


  • Who can purchase a UConn license plate?

    Any individual or business with a vehicle registered in the state of Connecticut may purchase a UConn license plate. We encourage students, alumni, friends, parents, faculty, staff, and all loyal Husky fans in Connecticut to purchase the plate and support UConn.

  • How much does a UConn license plate cost?

    The regular UConn plate (no special requests) costs $55. Each time you renew your vehicle registration, $55 is charged for the UConn plate in addition to your regular registration fees. Special request plates are available for additional fees.

  • Is my UConn license plate purchase tax-deductible?

    Yes. When you first purchase the plate, $40 goes to UConn and can be counted as a tax-deductible gift. Upon each renewal of the UConn plate, $50 goes to UConn and is considered tax-deductible.

  • What do the proceeds from the UConn license plate benefit?

    The proceeds from license plate sales help to fund UConn Alumni programs.

  • How can I obtain a UConn license plate?
    • Complete the process online here.


    • Fill out the printable/mailable form.
    • Mail a completed copy of the form, plus a check or money order to:
      DMV Special Plate Unit
      60 State Street
      Wethersfield, CT 06161-0504

    If you are unable to print the form, printed copies can be provided to you. If you need assistance, contact the UConn Foundation Office of Alumni Relations at (860) 486-2240 or by email at [email protected].

    Once you receive your plates by mail from the DMV, attach them to your car and ride with Husky pride!

  • Can I personalize my UConn license plate?

    Yes. When you complete the UConn License Plate Application Form, include Section 4 “Vanity Plate Requests.” To request a new vanity plate the cost is $144, then for each renewal of your vanity plate, you will pay your regular fees plus $55. Any combination of letters and numbers, seven characters or less, is allowed.

  • How do I transfer my tag number from my current plate to a UConn plate?

    When you complete the UConn License Plate Application Form, fill in sections 1-3. Under the UConn Plate order section, check the box that says “Maintain current plate number or current vanity/low number plate and change to UConn plate background.” To keep your plate number with a new UConn plate background, the cost is $75 in addition to your regular fees and then $55 upon each renewal of your UConn plate.

  • How long will it take to receive my UConn license plate?

    For regular UConn plates (no special requests), it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to receive your new plates in the mail.

    For vanity plates, or if you are transferring your current plate number to a UConn plate, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to receive your new plates in the mail.

  • Can I buy the UConn license plate before I’m required to renew?

    Yes. Simply complete and print the UConn License Plate application form from this webpage and send a copy with your payment to DMV at the address listed on the form at any time. Please note that if your registration is due to expire within the next 45 days, you must renew your registration with DMV before purchasing a UConn license plate.

  • Why do I have to pay extra for every UConn license plate renewal?

    The additional fees provide sustained support for the University of Connecticut. The funds are used to enhance alumni services and outreach efforts. UConn receives $40 for each new plate and $50 for every renewal of the UConn plate. These amounts count as tax-deductible gifts to UConn.

  • Can I still order the old UConn license plate design?

    The old UConn plate program has been discontinued and we are no longer offering that plate design. We hope you like the refreshed design and will choose to support UConn by purchasing a new UConn plate.

  • I have a question that’s not listed here. Who can help me?

    The UConn license plate program is managed by the UConn Foundation Office of Alumni Relations. If you have questions about the UConn plate program or if you need assistance, call (860) 486-2240 or email [email protected].

    For questions about your registration and renewal fees, contact the State of Connecticut DMV.