Why Volunteer?

Because you’re a Husky, through and through. Becoming an Alumni Network Advisory Committee, Affinity Group, or School or College volunteer is an easy way to give back with some great perks for you, too!

Meet new people, make new friends, and grow your local connections.

Stay involved with your UConn community while having fun, even after you graduate.

Suggest future event ideas that you may enjoy.

Give back to your alma mater in a meaningful way.

Stay connected with UConn Nation and get insider information.


Get first dibs on the best UConn swag.

Volunteer when it's convenient for you!

There are so many ways to support UConn! Some opportunities can be done in a day and even from the comfort of your own home. Check out our available short-term volunteer opportunities and see what fits your schedule.

Volunteer Toolkit

About UConn Alumni Relations

UConn Alumni Relations serves more than 270,000 alumni worldwide with the primary goal of increasing alumni engagement. Our focus is three-fold: to welcome, connect, and support through a variety of programs, events, and activities that provide a lifelong connection to UConn Nation.

This cannot be achieved without our network of committed volunteers.

Your Role as a Volunteer

Alumni Network Advisory Committee volunteers are critical to the success of UConn Alumni Relations’ efforts to engage alumni worldwide through regional groups and activities. As a volunteer, you will partner with your local UConn Alumni Regional Network as a member of the Alumni Network Advisory Committee to build meaningful relationships with alumni through events and programs—both in-person and virtually.

  • Alumni Network Advisory Committee Volunteer Key Responsibilities
    • Serve as a volunteer for the Alumni Relations Office by promoting UConn to your local community and helping to plan or promote UConn-sponsored programs.
    • Implement inclusive, innovative, relevant, and meaningful programs for alumni in five key areas: social, career, athletics, community service, and life-long learning.
    • Cultivate active lifelong participation and support for Alumni Relations and the University.
  • Alumni Network Advisory Committee Structure
    • The Advisory Committee structure is open and inclusive and generally includes a core group of two to 15 volunteers who are willing to accept an ongoing leadership role.
    • The key to success is that no one person carries all the responsibilities. Duties are dispersed among the Advisory Committee based on group needs and individual volunteer interests.
  • Expectations of Advisory Committees’ Collaboration with UConn Alumni Relations

    Each Alumni Network Advisory Committee will work closely with a staff liaison—a member of the UConn Alumni Relations team. In doing so, committees will complete the following tasks:

    • Plan a calendar of diverse virtual and in-person programs that includes our month-long initiative themes (Welcome to the Neighborhood, Elevate, and UConn Cares).
    • Coordinate program logistics and share progress with staff liaison. Staff liaison will handle all contractual, financial, and insurance-related obligations.
    • Promote program through social media presence and by contacting local alumni.
    • After the program, provide a list of attendees, including walk-ins, or ensure mobile check-in roster is up to date.
    • Participate in group leader training. (Three times per year – conducted via virtual meeting).
    • Volunteers must read and accept the Alumni Volunteer Code of Conduct on an annual basis.
  • Example Programs and Events


    • Happy hours
    • Beer or wine tastings/tours
    • Paint party with UConn specific picture
    • Local boat cruise experience
    • Cooking demonstrations
    • Welcome party for incoming freshmen or new alumni/recent grads
    • Welcome to the Neighborhood (Every August/September)


    • Career networking nights
    • Networking with notable alumni
    • Career seminars/panels with career industry experts and/or business and organizational leaders
    • Elevate event in your city (Every February)


    • Pre-game parties
    • Game-watch parties
    • Professional sports events

    Community Service

    • Collaborate with local organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics
    • Serve food at homeless shelter
    • Park /beach clean up
    • Conduct a toy/clothing/food/book drive
    • UConn Cares event in your city (Every April)

    Life-Long Learning  

    • Event with UConn professor/noted alumni
    • Museum or “history” tours
    • Speaker series on topics such as social justice, wellness, art, etc.
  • Volunteer Core Values


    • As a volunteer and representative of the University and Alumni Relations, you are acting as an ambassador in all you do.
    • Alumni Relations identifies being inclusive and inviting as a key component of ambassadorship. All volunteers are expected to embrace this philosophy.


    • Be creative, resourceful, and responsive.
    • Aim to provide content and experiences that are unique, engaging, and valuable.


    • Volunteers should be conscientious of time commitment to program and fellow volunteers.
    • At times, you may be privy to various levels of sensitive information. As a volunteer, you are expected to keep alumni data secure at all times. Breaches in the area of privacy and confidentiality are taken seriously by the University and Alumni Relations.
    • You will receive periodic communications from Alumni Relations and other volunteers. Please be respectful of the team’s efforts and provide responses in a timely fashion.
    • Alumni Relations expects volunteers to be respectful and considerate when interacting with other volunteers, students, parents, campus staff, Alumni Relations staff and any other involved parties.

    Inclusion & Collaboration

    • The greatest strength of our network is by working together, along with the University, to achieve a shared mission.
    • Volunteers are expected to be inclusive of all diverse identities within the University and alumni community, which encompass multiple generations, identities, and diverse affiliations.

Learn more about what our regional network volunteers do by reviewing the alumni network guidelines.

Communication Tips & Tools

Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in how we connect with both our volunteers and our alumni. We encourage our volunteers to promote UConn Alumni events through their own social media channels whenever possible. We also encourage our volunteers to be active in our regional network Facebook groups. After all, you never know who you’ll meet!

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Event Photography

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. We want to showcase the excitement around our events, so we encourage our volunteers to take photos during them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional to take great photos. All you need is your phone.

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Brand Guidelines

It goes without saying that we all love UConn. We want to make sure that UConn is represented in the best way possible. All volunteers are expected to uphold University standards when it comes to branding, colors, and logos. Fonts, colors, and proportions should not be changed when using official UConn branding.

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Mark Your Calendar
UConn Alumni hosts a number of event series throughout the year.

Training & Resources

Helpful Documents

UConn Swag Order Form

Are you an alumni network volunteer of an officially recognized alumni network? Are you taking the lead on your next network event? If you don’t have enough UConn swag items, let us know using the swag order form below and we’ll send you more!


Please note: This is for officially recognized alumni network groups only

Meeting Recordings

Alumni network volunteer calls take place twice a year. The Alumni Relations staff provides updates on past events, best practices, and programs to kick off planning. A guest speaker is also often in attendance to provide updates on important University news.


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