Community Fundraising Events

Interested in hosting a bike ride, picnic or golf tournament to benefit UConn?

We’re grateful for the support of community organizations that want to hold events to support the University, and we want to ensure that all events are conducted in compliance with all applicable laws. That is why we require community organizations to complete the Community Fundraising Event Application at least 90 days prior to their event, and submit it to the UConn Foundation for review and approval.

Contact April Brown, Director of Donor Events, for more information.

Community Event Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event to benefit The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.  To ensure that the UConn Foundation can accept event proceeds, all guidelines stated below must be followed:

  • Notify the Foundation of the proposed event by submitting an application form for approval at least 90 days prior to the event.
  • Clearly state that the Foundation and University are beneficiaries of the proceeds and not involved directly with the event. An event should not be named, for example, “The University of Connecticut Golf Tournament.”
  • Clearly indicate the intended use of the proceeds on all event publications and solicitations. (e.g., “All proceeds from the event will be directed to the University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc., to benefit [PURPOSE].”)
  • Independently generate publicity and sources of funding for the event.
  • Independently secure and contract for the appropriate venue, staff, and/or volunteers desired.
  • Independently obtain desired or necessary insurance, licenses, and/or permits for the event. This includes state permits to conduct raffles or other games of chance. In no event will the Foundation or University assume responsibility or liability for the planning or execution of third-party events, nor will they pay for any expenses related to the event.
  • Independently collect gift funds generated by the event through acceptance of checks made payable to the event organizer. At the completion of the event,  net proceeds from the event should be transferred in the form of a single check made payable to the UConn Foundation, Inc., not later than ninety (90) days from the date of the event.
  • Adhere to all state and federal laws and the Foundation’s policies.

We request that all persons conducting events do not:

  • Enter into any contract (or establish any account) in the name of the University or Foundation.
  • Use the University, UConn Health, or Foundation logos or names at any time, unless given permission by the Foundation.
  • Take control or custody over any portion of event proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the event.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the inability of the Foundation to accept the event proceeds.