We’re very grateful for the support of community organizations that want to hold events to support UConn. To ensure that events are conducted in compliance with applicable laws, we ask that you please complete the required Community Fundraising Event Application form and submit it to the UConn Foundation for review and approval at least 90 days prior to your event.

For more information, please refer to the UConn Foundation Policy on Community Fundraising Events or contact April Brown, Associate Director of Donor Events.


  1. Notice and Approval: The Foundation requires that Community Entities complete and submit a Community Fundraising Events application at least ninety (90) days prior to the event date. An application for a Community Fundraising Event is available here. Community Fundraising Events are approved in consideration of factors including, without limitation: consistency of the event with the Foundation’s mission and goals of the University, expected amount of funds to be raised, significance of the relationships with the parties involved, reputational risks to the Foundation and University, and Foundation resources necessary to conduct the event. Allow ten (10) working days from the receipt of application for a written response.
  2. The Foundation may in its sole discretion refuse to approve and/or refuse to accept funds associated with a Community Fundraising Event. Alternatively, the Foundation may determine, under criteria established in its Policy on Foundation Fundraising Events, that an event warrants significant Foundation involvement and, therefore, should be approved as a Foundation Fundraising Event to be conducted in accordance with that policy.
  3. Until written approval is received Community Entities are not to solicit contributions for the Community Fundraising Event or use the name/logos of the University or Foundation.
  4. Event Name: Community Fundraising Events are not held directly by the Foundation. Therefore, the event name should only refer to the University and/or the Foundation as beneficiaries. For example, an event should not be named, “The University of Connecticut Golf Outing.” Instead, the event can be named the “Golf Outing to Benefit the University of Connecticut.”
  5. Logos/Names: The name or logos of the University of Connecticut, UConn Health, UConn Athletics, or UConn Foundation may only be reproduced on print or electronic fundraising promotional materials, including, but not limited to invitations, fliers, mailings, emails, newspaper, TV, radio advertisements, and/or websites, with approval from the Foundation. If approval is granted, the name/logo must only be used on the same page in physical proximity or in the same sentence with the following statement: “Net proceeds from the event will be directed to The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc. to benefit [INSERT PURPOSE].” Use of the University, Athletics and UConn Health name and logo are subject to approval by the University, Athletics and/or UConn Health.
  6. Donor Intent: In order for the Foundation to accept proceeds from Community Fundraising Events, the event’s promotional materials/solicitations must clearly indicate the donors’ intentions. The Foundation requires that all hard copy and electronic promotional materials and solicitations include the following statement: “Net proceeds from the event will be directed to The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc. to benefit [INSERT PURPOSE].” Fundraising promotional materials/solicitations must also indicate a specific University program, department, college, or a specific Foundation fund toward which donations from the Community Fundraising Event will be directed and any potential alternative use of the gifts. Solicitations for support to establish any new funds and all out-of-state solicitations must be reviewed by the Foundation General Counsel’s Office for compliance matters.
  7. Publicity: Community Entities are responsible for independently generating publicity related to their Community Fundraising Event.
  8. Sponsorship/Expenses: Community Entities are responsible for finding sources of funding for the Community Fundraising Event, if necessary. Any monetary or in-kind donation to a Community Entity for an event does not constitute a tax-deductible gift to the Foundation. Community Entities will be liable for all Community Fundraising Event expenses. If the event expenses exceed revenue, the UConn Foundation and University will not be liable for the expenses. When approaching businesses and corporations for assistance with events, please keep in mind that many local organizations are already donors to the Foundation and University and may not wish to make additional donations. It is recommended that the Community Entity provide a list of potential sponsors, including potential in-kind sponsors, to avoid duplication of efforts and excessive requests to any one potential donor. The Foundation reserves the right to limit Community Event corporate sponsorship solicitations in its discretion (e.g., if such support might interfere with the Foundation’s or University’s fundraising strategy).
  9. Gift Funds Collection and Proceeds: Community Entities are responsible for collecting gift funds generated by or for their event through acceptance of checks made payable to them. Net proceeds from the event should then be transferred in the form of a single check made payable to the UConn Foundation, Inc. no later than ninety (90) days from the date of the event. The Foundation requires that Community Entities not keep any portion of the event proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the Community Fundraising Event.
  10. Event Planning: Community Entities are responsible for planning, executing all aspects of the Community Fundraising Event as well as securing and contracting for the appropriate venue, staff, and/or volunteers, and services including, but not limited to, food, drinks, and entertainment desired for the Community Fundraising Event. The Foundation will not provide Community Entities with funding or reimbursement for event expenses, staff, students, or volunteers to support a Community Fundraising Event. Foundation staff with a legitimate business need to be present at a Community Fundraising Event may be eligible for expense reimbursement in accordance with Foundation policies.
  11. Insurance, Permits and Licenses: The Community Entities are responsible for independently obtaining any state or local permits, licenses, and insurance for the Community Fundraising Event. This includes, but is not limited to, liquor licenses and gambling licenses (e.g., for raffles where a person pays for a chance to win).
  12. Event Taxes: Community Entities must pay all applicable federal, state, and/or local taxes incurred during the planning and execution of the Community Fundraising Event. Community Entities may not use the UConn Foundation’s tax identification number or sales tax exemption for any purpose.

Please note that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the inability of the Foundation to accept the event proceeds.