Memorial and Honor Donations

Many donors choose to honor a loved one or friend with a gift to support UConn in his or her name. Perhaps the gift is in memory of a grandmother who loved UConn athletics, an alum who attended the University or in honor of an inspirational professor. This page provides useful information to facilitate gifts made in someone’s honor or memory.

If the gift request will be printed in an obituary, we recommend that you contact the UConn Foundation directly before the obituary is printed. See our contact information below. We suggest the following wording:

Donations may be made "In memory of [name of decedent]" for a purpose to be designated by [name of spouse/name of family].  Please make checks payable to:  The UConn Foundation, Inc. and forward to the following address: 2390 Alumni Drive Unit 3206, Storrs, Connecticut  06269.



1.) How to Make a Donation


Gifts may be made by mail or online.

By Mail
Checks, payable to "The University of Connecticut Foundation," can be mailed to:

The University of Connecticut Foundation Inc.
PO Box 842659
Boston, MA 02284-2659

Checks written to support the UConn Health Center should also be mailed to:

University of Connecticut Health Center
The University of Connecticut Foundation Inc.
PO Box 842948
Boston, MA 02284-2948

A note accompanying the check should state that this is a gift made in honor or memory of someone, and provide both the name AND address of the honoree and who should be notified about the gift (often the honoree or a family member if it’s a memorial gift).

Donors can also make a gift, up to $5,000, to any part of the University from our secure Web server. If you would like to list a Web address (URL) in an obituary or program book for prospective donors, please use the following short URLs, which will bring the donor to the correct giving page:

btn-honor-or-memorial.jpgOnline donors should select the box on the giving screen (example on the right) that informs the Foundation that the gift is being made in memory or honor of someone. When this box is checked, a form will appear where the donor can enter the name of the honoree and who should be notified of the gift (often the honoree or a family member if it’s a memorial gift).

2.) Choose What Fund to Support

The UConn Foundation manages more than 1,200 funds that support the entire University. Please indicate the name of the fund where the gift should be directed. If you are unsure of the fund name, please contact the UConn Foundation.  Funds can be general, such as the "Fund for UConn" or "Fund for UConn Health," while others are very focused on a particular major.

3.) Contact Us So That We May Serve You Better

We truly appreciate the support being offered to the University; what a wonderful way to honor or memorialize someone's life! Whether you are making a donation yourself, or encouraging others to do so, please take a moment to call us to ensure that your philanthropic intent is being realized.


Betsy Pigeon
Director of Stewardship
(860) 486-6948


Thank you again for your support of the University of Connecticut! 









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