Giving back: A proud UConn tradition

Students have probably taken part in at least one tradition during their time at UConn: the One-Ton Sundae, a basketball game, Oozeball, or dancing in Huskython. Philanthropy is another proud UConn tradition. 

Student giving through HuskyDrive is a point of pride for the UConn Foundation. Understanding that, as students, it may be tough to find money to donate, the UConn Foundation finds ways to encourage group giving. When individual students give small amounts in large numbers, it creates a significant impact on the university. Participation is what matters most!

The Ignite campaign and senior class giving are two simple, low-commitment ways to give back, and allows students to donate to an area of the university they're passionate about.

You benefit from philanthropy

Students are recipients of donor generosity in some form, usually without even knowing. Everywhere you turn on campus, donations from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations and your fellow students have had an impact.

Philanthropy to UConn supports:

  • Scholarships
  • Equipment and technology updates
  • Guest lecturers and speakers
  • Student and faculty research
  • Study abroad programs
  • Clubs and activities
  • Library resources
  • Career advice and preparations

And so much more!

Why should you give back to UConn?

Giving improves life at UConn. It is a wise investment for UConn students and alumni because making a gift each year, regardless of amount, impacts UConn's annual national ranking. As UConn rises in the rankings, the value of a UConn degree increases. Most importantly, giving helps others.

Donations help ensure that future Huskies will share the same traditions and college experience that you enjoyed. Continue the spirit and tradition of giving at UConn by donating today! 

Students Today. Huskies Forever.


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