UConn Athletics Drive to 5K

We are UCONN NATION. Our passion and commitment define UConn’s excellence. Our 700 student-athletes, dedicated coaches, and die-hard fans have helped distinguish UConn as being among the best in the nation. We share a set of values that reflects our incredible success, builds on our tradition, and sustains our future. Your support is key to our competitive edge.
graph showing the current 3,226 donors out of the goal of 5,000 donors to UConn Athletics program
Through hard work and dedication, UConn has become nationally recognized for its athletic success and academic rigor. But there’s still a lot we want to accomplish and that is why the Husky “Drive for 5K” campaign was established. Scholarship costs, facility needs and other expenses continue to grow. In order to maintain the success our fans want and deserve, the support of each and every UConn fan is more important than ever. join now button with link to UConn Athletics scholarship donation page
a chart showing statistics of UConn's student athletes. 13 perfect 1000 Academic Progress Rate scores in 13-14 academic year, over 50% of student-athletes earned a 3.0 or greater GPA, student-athletes performed over 1000 hours of service to the local community, 21 national championships earned to date.
collage of student athletes with the words "Striving for Excellence"
chart showing the annual expenses per student athlete. Including scholarships, equipment, travel, game day operations and more, the total cost per student for one year is $71,521.
a graph showing how UConn compares to other institutions with it's 4,038 donors. Other institutions show Kansas at 60,50 donors, Iowa State at 6,900 donors, and East Carolina at 7,622 donors.
join now button with link to UConn Athletics scholarship donation page