Top 10 Tips for Getting an Internship

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These days, getting an internship (or two or three) is almost a prerequisite for getting a job after graduation. Here are some tips from UConn’s Center for Career Development and students who’ve done an internship or two.


Start looking early. Companies start looking for interns as early as January—or earlier. Searching sooner will increase your chances of finding the best option. Some companies welcome first-year students and sophomores—so begin applying and exploring fields early in your college career.


Visit UConn’s Center for Career Development in Wilbur Cross. Through career coaching sessions, they can help you identify a career field, set up a LinkedIn profile, and much more.


Go to a résumé-writing lab at the career center. They’ll show you how to write strong, tailored bullet points and generally help you polish your résumé to a professional sheen.


Schedule a practice interview at the career center. If you think you might be interviewing soon or already have one scheduled, reach out for a 30- or 60-minute practice interview. You’ll not only get feedback on your answers, you’ll get the chance to ask questions about what to expect so you can work out some of those interviewing nerves before the real thing.


Use a networking tool, such as LinkedIn or the Husky Mentor Network, to connect with alumni and members in your network working at the organization where you’d like to intern. The Husky Mentor Network also lets you connect with alums for one-on-one career conversations, résumé critiques, and practice interviews.

Take your career to the next level. Recruiters, entrepreneurs, and career experts who happen to be UConn alums are holding workshops across the country.


Check the huskycareerlink database where companies post internships and co-op opportunities. Through HuskyCareerLink, you can even apply for positions that are interviewing right on campus.


Attend an internship workshop, presentation, or the annual Internship & Co-op Fair at the career center. These events allow you to connect with employers without even leaving campus.


Go on informational interviews and try job shadowing to practice interviewing skills and learn about different career fields.


Join a club or activity or get a job on campus to get out of your comfort zone and start exploring your interests. Join a committee or take on a leadership role to start building experience.


Consider earning credit for your internship through one of the 70 academic courses that UConn offers in different departments.

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