12 Signs You Might Bleed Blue

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With Homecoming right around the corner on Oct. 19, 2019, all of UConn Nation is invited to join the celebration. Not sure if that means you? We hope this list will help.

1. You think a dining hall tray is a perfectly acceptable sled.

There’s nothing quite like a snowy trek to Horsebarn Hill in the winter. And who had the space for an actual sled in a dorm room?


2. You can’t help but feel that volleyball just isn’t volleyball without a little (a ton) of mud.

Oh, OOzeball. Although it takes five showers to feel clean afterwards, you’ll always have a place in our hearts.


3. When someone says, “The Jungle,” you don’t think of trees and rivers.

If you weren’t there, you’ll never know. And if you were there, you’ll never forget.


4. Rubbing a nose for good luck is just a thing you do.


Hey, we’ve all got our things.


5. You own So. Much. Flag. Blue.

From T-shirts and towels to socks and sweatshirts, how exactly did you manage to wrangle up so much UConn swag in your closet? And yet you still want more…


6. You know all the secrets to removing blue face paint.

You may not be Dale Nosel, but you know a thing or two about getting a fresh face again after game day. You also know champions don’t sleep in their face paint. Your pillow thanks you.


7. You know how to execute a perfect dismount from a lofted bed.

They might as well deem you captain of your dorm’s gymnastics team for your epic moves. 10/10 from us, for sure.


8. Your favorite type of dog is a husky. Because, obviously.

No description needed. 13/10.


9. In your heart, there’s only one true Basketball Capital of the World.

And that’s where your best friends Geno and Dan are!


10. You can navigate Campus Construction like a champ

You know every foot path, cut through, and short cut to still make it to class on time. We’d follow you anywhere.


11. You know the best ice cream ever can be found in a bar.

Does anyone even truly live before experiencing UConn Dairy Bar ice cream?


12. You’re a pro at painting rocks.

You may not be Picasso or van Gogh, but you know a thing or two about getting flag blue in all the nooks and crannies of a giant slab.


Come back home to UConn for Homecoming this year!

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