2015 Crowdfunding Campaign Ignites Student Philanthropy

2015 HuskyDrive Ignite winners
Winners of the 2015 HuskyDrive Ignite campaign. (Credit: UConn Foundation photo)

Teaching UConn students the importance of philanthropy is the goal of HuskyDrive’s Ignite campaign.

The recent conclusion of the current campaign, now in its third year, proves the program is working.

More than $34,000 was raised in this year’s campaign. There were 1,644 donors—1,166 were student and young alumni donors.

The top three teams this year with the highest number of student and young alumni donors were:

1st place: Asian-American Cultural Center’s Pan-Asian Council, 275 donors

2nd place: Community Outreach, 234 donors

3rd place: UConn Marching Band, 140 donors

Josh Newton, president and CEO of the UConn Foundation, said the importance of Ignite is that “it engages students in the philanthropic process. Ignite teaches students that they can give to areas that they care about—that is their passion.”

Newton added that as state aid for education to UConn has been “cut in half” over the past two decades, it has only shined a brighter light on “the history and tradition that philanthropy has played at UConn.”

HuskyDrive’s Ignite campaign—recognized as one of the best in the country by Evertrue, an organization that applies social media analytics to nonprofit fundraising—brings students together to raise money for their favorite UConn causes. Students learn about marketing and fundraising over the course of several weeks. Using the Foundation’s online giving platform, participants mobilize fellow students as well as alumni, family, and friends for support.