Campus Sustainability Fund

Gifts to this fund support programs, projects, supplies, equipment, staffing and related expenses for UConn’s system-wide campus sustainability initiatives.

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) supports programs and initiatives that raise environmental awareness and develop conservation-minded students. Your donation will enable and enhance popular outreach events like Earth Day Spring Fling, Campus Sustainability Day, Green Game Days during basketball and football games, student participation in national and international Climate Change conferences and activities, UConn’s EcoMadness water and energy conservation competition in the dorms, and the Give-and-Go program for collecting reusable goods during Move-Out and donating them to community partners. Through these and other activities, students learn to be environmental stewards and positively contribute to society. Also, to support the campus as a “living laboratory” for more environmentally sustainable practices, the CSF helps UConn install and maintain demonstration projects like green roofs, rain gardens, renewable energy, clean-fueled vehicles and EV charging stations, recycling and composting infrastructure, campus bicycling amenities, and hiking trails through UConn’s forest and conservation areas. The CSF often provides seed money or matching funds that stimulate and leverage financial support from other operational and academic departments, encouraging collaborative efforts to maintain UConn’s position as a national and international campus sustainability leader.