Harrison Fitch Leadership Fund

Gifts to the Harrison Fitch Leadership Fund provide financial support for the University’s Human Rights Institute and/or the University’s Institute for Student Success.

Established by Fitch’s son, Harrison Brooks Fitch, Jr. ’64 (CLAS), the Harrison Fitch Leadership Fund further honors Fitch’s legacy at UConn. Human rights and social justice have always been a part of UConn’s character, as Fitch’s teammates and classmates demonstrated when they rallied on his behalf in the 1930s. The fund supports UConn’s Human Rights Institute and the Institute for Student Success in continuing the University’s work in this arena, providing fellowships for student leaders in this space. In collaboration with UConn Athletics and the Sports Management program, students with an interest in athletics, social justice, and human rights may also benefit from support of this fund.

Through interdisciplinary educational programs focused on human rights, social justice issues, scholarship support, and experiential engagement for underrepresented students interested in the pursuit of human rights and social justice advocacy, the Harrison Fitch Leadership Fund creates opportunities for students to engage, learn, and make a difference at UConn and beyond.