UConn Brewing Innovation Fund

Gifts to the UConn Brewing Innovation Fund will be used to support events, research and programmatical activity around brewing innovation.

UConn Brewing Innovation is a newly designed initiative with the aim of revolutionizing the craft beer industry all while providing transformative experiences for UConn students. This institute will serve as a multidisciplinary hub, in partnership with the College of Engineering, the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources, and the School of Business, for research, education, and outreach. This initiative will provide academic and experiential learning opportunities for students, cultivating talent and growth in the industry, providing scholarships and mentorship opportunities to underrepresented populations, leveraging UConn’s deep-rooted history and tradition of agriculture, and supporting local businesses that are essential to Connecticut’s economy.

Funding for this initiative will support the development of academic opportunities for students including experiential learning courses, scholarships, mentorship programs, access to state of the art brewing equipment and systems, and other transformative experiences.