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Honor With Books Library Endowment Fund

Gifts to the Honor With Books Library Endowment Fund will be used to purchase library materials for the Homer Babbidge Library.


Greenhouse Studios Fund

Gifts to the Greenhouse Studios Fund provide support for Greenhouse Studios ,a research incubator where people come together to create Innovative scholarly works.


Music Library

Gifts to this fund support the purchase of library materials and to provide activities related to the Music Library.


Class of 1960 Video Center Fund

Gifts to this fund support updates to the video center in Homer Babbidge Library and current video projects.


Fund for Excellence in Archives and Special Collections

Gifts to this fund support processing, preservation, and promotion of the University Library Archives and Special Collections.


Archibald and Helen Crossley Fund

Gifts to this fund provide support for acquisition and maintenance of historical archives at the Dodd Research Center pertaining to public opinion research.

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