Thank a Donor

Your partnership in connecting with donors is essential—donors who hear from their students are even more enthusiastic to continue giving. With your help, we can achieve our $150 Million Student Support Initiative fundraising goal, which could double the amount of financial support available for students like you.

Please take a few moments to tell your scholarship donor how much their gift means to you!

  • Your Thank You Note

    Below are a few questions to help you prepare your thank you note. These are meant as guidelines rather than rules—what’s important is that your thank you note is authentic to your voice and experience. Please be sure your entire thank you letter is a minimum of 200 words in length.

    If you'd prefer to write your own thank you note, you can attach a Word document or PDF using the link below.

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  • Submit Your Photo

    In addition to your thank you note, you are encouraged to submit a photo to share with your donor. To ensure the best possible photo print quality, we recommend a color photo in .jpg file format (300 dpi resolution), with an uncluttered background. If you do not have photo editing software, we recommend the free online photo editing tool

    See a sample photo.

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  • Submit My Note

    By signing this form and providing the photograph(s), you grant, assign and transfer to the UConn Foundation, Inc. (i) the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission concerning any photograph(s), to use, reuse, publish and re-publish the picture in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other material, in any and all media now or hereafter known, including print, the Internet and electronically, and for any purpose whatsoever, including illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising and trade, without restriction as to alteration, and without payment or any other consideration; (ii) the use of your name, image, likeness, or other personally identifiable information associated with the photograph(s) in connection therewith if it so chooses; and (iii) any and all of your right, title and interest in the foregoing. You understand and agree that the photograph(s) will become the property of the Foundation and will not be returned, and that you will have no right to review or approve the photograph(s) before they are used. You agree to release, hold harmless and forever discharge the Foundation and its officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliates from any and all claims, demands, damages, and causes of action that may arise out of, or in connection with, the use of the photograph(s), including without limitation any and all claims for intellectual property infringement, physical or emotional injury or distress, defamation, or violation of any right of publicity or privacy. This authorization and release shall also inure to the benefit of heirs, legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of the Foundation. You represent you are a legally competent adult and have the right to contract in your own name. You agree you have read this document and fully understand its contents and that this release shall be binding upon your heirs, legal representatives and assigns. If the photograph(s) is of a minor, you represent you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor and do hereby give your consent to this release on behalf of the minor.

    Questions? Contact Betsy Pigeon, director of stewardship, at (860) 486-6948 or via email (

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