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Strengthening UConn One Relationship at a Time

The UConn Foundation, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization which operates exclusively to promote the educational, scientific, cultural, research and recreational objectives of the University of Connecticut. The Foundation does this by providing quality programs and services for its alumni and supporters, and by serving as the primary fundraising vehicle for the University. The Foundation solicits, administers and invests private funds for the sole benefit of the University and its mission of pursuing excellence in teaching, research and public service.

The Relationship Between UConn and the Foundation

The University and the Foundation have established a fee-for-service arrangement, under the terms of an annual operating agreement, which stipulates that the Foundation will conduct private fundraising on behalf of UConn. This is a longstanding practice at UConn and most other major public universities. It is also fully consistent with Connecticut statutes governing the proper University-Foundation relationship.

Effective July 1, 2015, the Foundation also assumed all alumni engagement responsibilities for the University of Connecticut. This expanded role for the Foundation was approved by the University’s Board of Trustees and the Foundation’s Board of Directors and is codified in the agreement between the Foundation and the University.

The UConn Foundation employs its own staff. These employees are recruited, hired, trained, and managed subject to the Foundation’s human resources policies and procedures.

Our About Foundations page explains more about what institutionally related foundations are, and how they benefit the university and donors. You can find a wealth of tax, legal and financial information on our Finances and Investments and Public Disclosure pages.

The UConn Foundation wholeheartedly supports the mission of the University of Connecticut and its dedication to excellence through research, teaching, service, and outreach.


Joshua R. Newton, President and CEO
Colleen Godino, Chief of Staff
Jerry Ganz, Vice President of Finance & CFO
Suzanne M. O’Conor, Counsel
Brian J. Otis, Vice President for Development
Montique Cotton Kelly, Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations
Frank Gifford, Associate Vice President for Development, Constituent Programs
Jennifer Grey, Associate Vice President for Development, Health Sciences
Derek Slap, Associate Vice President for External Relations

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The Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors.