Finances & Investments

The UConn Foundation makes the following financial and investment documents and policies available to the public.  The Foundation’s financial statements are audited annually by a national accounting firm, and University officials and state auditors receive copies of these audited statements.

UConn Foundation FY16 Annual Report

Refer to our tax and legal information page for more information on policies and statements.


The UConn Foundation maintains a 360-degree risk management program to safeguard its endowed and non-endowed investments. The investment portfolio is well diversified across asset classes, strategies, markets, and investment managers, and an independent risk consultant provides integrated risk assessment on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our Investment Policy and Guidelines section provides more details. In addition, you can review the Foundation’s statement on socially responsible investing.

We’re also proud to partner with UConn’s School of Business to provide a hands-on learning experience for students through the Student Managed Investment Fund.

Please direct all marketing investment inquiries to