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Alumni Contacts: We’re here for you!

patrick walker
Patrick Walker
Director of Alumni Relations, Regional Engagement
Jazmine Parker
Jazmine Parker
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Regional Engagement
Sarah Lomazzo
Sarah Lomazzo '18
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Regional Engagement
Kathryn Palinkos '20
Alumni Relations Coordinator

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International Alumni Ambassadors

In addition to advising prospective future Huskies in their own country, UConn’s International Alumni Ambassadors support UConn Nation by discussing international career opportunities with alumni and students, helping them to settle in their new homes, and organizing social gatherings in their areas.


For additional information about UConn’s International Ambassadors, please contact:

Portrait of Debra Crary.
Debra Crary
Senior Director of Stakeholder Events
Jonathan at an event in Hartford CT
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