Who is included in the Alumni-owned Business Network Directory?

All types of businesses are welcome, including independent consultants. For purposes of this Network Directory, an alumnus is defined as:

“All graduates of the University of Connecticut (the “University”) and former students thereof, whose class has graduated, not currently enrolled as undergraduates and who have completed at least one semester of academic work at the University or any of its schools or colleges, including any institution that has been or will be absorbed by the University.”


What if a UConn alum has another position in a small business but does not own it? Can the business still be included in the directory?

No. At this time, directory listings only include alumni-owned businesses.


If a business is not approved will they be contacted?

Yes, if a submission is not accepted, the submitter will be notified by a member of our team.


Are businesses required to provide a discount for UConn alumni?

No. This is simply a directory of alumni-owned businesses. No discounts or promotions are required.


How frequently is the Network updated?

We strive to review and approve as quickly as possible. Depending on the volume of submissions, we may experience delays from time to time. Please allow up to 10 business days for your listing to appear.


How do I update my business listing if there are changes?

Please contact us with any changes.


Is the UConn Foundation providing financial support to businesses on this page?

No. This directory is simply a list of alumni-owned businesses. The UConn Foundation is not providing financial assistance to businesses listed.



Companies on this list have each been validated as a UConn alumni-owned business. Inclusion in this directory does not constitute an endorsement of the business by the University of Connecticut or the UConn Foundation, Inc. The UConn Foundation, Inc. may in its sole discretion reject or remove any business listing at any time with or without notice. Use of the University of Connecticut and UConn Foundation, Inc. names, logos, and registered trademarks by businesses is prohibited without specific written approval.