Tips to capture the best content at your event

  • Take both horizontal and vertical photos
    • Horizontal photos can be shared anywhere, but vertical photos and videos will allow us
      to share them on all of our social platforms
  • Take photos, videos, and boomerangs!
    • Get creative with the content you are capturing. Mix up the typical group photo and
      have people raise their glasses or cheer for a boomerang. Take a video of the event
      itself (by holding your phone vertically). Don’t be afraid to send us a few selfies or
      photos of the cool location your event is taking place at. The possibilities are endless!
  • Use email to send larger files
    • Video quality can be severely decreased when sent through a text (especially between
      an iPhone and an Android)
    • Avoid this by either sending a link to photos in the cloud (iCloud, Google photos, etc.), or
      emailing them to your alumni relations contact.
  • Avoid zooming
    • Typically, smartphone camera zooming doesn’t work very well. You end up losing image
      quality, and increasing pixilation and camera shake, resulting in a blurry & unusable
  • When in doubt, just get closer to your subject!
  • Hold your camera steady and use flash when necessary
    • Make sure you have a good grip on your phone (two hands!) to avoid blurry photos
    • Having a hard time focusing? Tap your screen on the subject to get a clearer image
    • Use flash when necessary to help get a clearer image
  • Check your camera settings
    • Make sure your photos are being taken at a high-quality resolution
  • Most phones have this automatically selected for you – just double-check!


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