The UConn Foundation is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. We celebrate diverse perspectives and are committed to a welcoming environment that will value your unique experiences and identity. We recognize that a true commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion requires ongoing education and action and we strive for continued growth each and every day.

  • Our Commitment

    To pursue inclusion, diversity and equity, a culture of belonging and empowerment, and a healthy work-life balance.

  • Our People

    We believe the UConn Foundation’s success requires a work environment where
    employees demonstrate integrity, empathy, and kindness.

  • Our Work

    We support our mission by pursuing continuous improvement and aspiring to be a best-in class, innovative organization that is grounded in collaboration, accountability, and transparency.

  • Our Purpose

    To serve and enrich the University and its constituents through philanthropy, engagement, and fiscal responsibility.

oUR Core Values


  • Integrity

    Courageously choosing what is true and correct over what is comfortable, fast, or easy

  • Empathy

    Being sensitive to and considerate of others’ feelings, viewpoints, or individual circumstances and framing one’s own words and actions accordingly

  • Kindness

    Genuinely and intentionally connecting with others through words and actions that have a positive impact

  • Accountability

    Individually and collectively taking ownership for our words, actions, and performance

  • Collaboration

    The achievement of a shared goal through honest communication that promotes active participation, careful listening, and acceptance of diverse perspectives..