UConn Ignite: Information for Student Groups

When is UConn Ignite?

UConn Ignite 2019 runs from February 17 – March 30, 2020.

How do we apply?

Applications for the Ignite 2020 competition will open November 15, 2019 and close December 15, 2019.

Who is eligible?

All UConn students currently enrolled wishing to fundraise for a UConn cause are eligible to apply.

Eligible causes must:

  • Have an established fund at the UConn Foundation. Here is a partial list of UConn Foundation funds. If you are unsure if your group has a fund, please call (860) 486-5000 or email ignite@foundation.uconn.edu.
  • Be affiliated with the University through an approved University organization, academic, or research program.
  • Have a faculty or staff recommendation included in their application.
  • Be officially recognized by the Division of Student Affairs and have participated in SOLID Training.

What types of causes do not qualify?

If your group is a chapter or associated with a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization you will not be eligible for this competition. (Examples include: Wishmakers, American Red Cross, Engineers Without Borders, individual fraternities and sororities, etc.)

How are causes chosen?

Applications are reviewed and selected by a committee of UConn Foundation staff.

Causes are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Size of group
  • Potential marketing reach of group
  • Potential size of young alumni population
  • Creativity in proposed marketing and outreach plan
  • Benefit to the UConn community
  • Demonstrated need for support
  • Feasibility
  • Any prior fundraising success and overall commitment to UConn

If selected, what do we have to do?

Ignite is a unique opportunity to share your cause to thousands of potential donors, and because of this, the program is reserved for the most dedicated students.

If selected, students must participate in the following activities:

  • Attend one introductory information session at the UConn Foundation
  • Using a provided online platform, create a webpage dedicated to your cause which can include your own video and photos
  • Utilize your own networks to promote your cause and drive donors to the site
  • Thank your donors often!
  • Update your donors and prospects with progress reports throughout the competition

What happens if we do not win the competition?

If your group does not win the competition your cause will still receive all funds donated through the Ignite challenge for use in accordance with the UConn Foundation description of the fund associated with your cause. All funds you raise will remain for use in your UConn Foundation fund.

Following the competition, how do we receive the funds to support our cause?

All donations will be deposited into your cause’s UConn Foundation fund and available for use in accordance with UConn Foundation policies. This will ensure that donations will be used as intended. No money will be distributed to individuals.

Have a question not listed here? Email ignite@foundation.uconn.edu or Madeline Sanzo at msanzo@foundation.uconn.edu.