Memorial & Honorary Gifts

First and foremost, thank you. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity in making this gift to the University—what a wonderful way to honor or memorialize someone’s life!

Gifts may be made in honor or memory of a loved one, faculty member, friend, or entire class (reunion class gifts) to existing funds held in the UConn Foundation. Gifts may be made by mail or online.

Recommended obituary language

For obituaries, we recommend the following language:

Donations may be made “In memory of [name of decedent]” for a purpose to be designated by [name of spouse/name of family]. Please make checks payable to: The UConn Foundation, Inc. and forward to the following address: 2390 Alumni Drive Unit 3206, Storrs, Connecticut 06269.”

Information to include when making the gift

A note accompanying the gift should indicate:

  • The fund to which the gift is directed (see list of potential funds)
  • The person, people, or group this gift is being made in honor or memory of
  • The name AND address of the person or people who should be notified of this gift

If you are unsure of the name of the fund or what fund you would like to support, please contact the UConn Foundation for assistance. We are grateful for your generosity and will work with you to ensure that your philanthropic intent is being realized.

How to Send a Donation

Make a gift by mail
Checks, payable to “The University of Connecticut Foundation,” can be mailed to:

The University of Connecticut Foundation Inc.
2390 Alumni Drive, Unit 3206
Storrs, Connecticut 06269

Make a gift online
Donors can also make a gift to any part of the University from our secure Web server. If you would like to list a web address (URL) in an obituary or program book for prospective donors, please use the following short URLs, which will bring the donor to the correct giving page:

To make a memorial or honorary gift online, select the appropriate box on the giving page, and follow the prompts to enter the name of the honoree and who should be notified of the gift.

For assistance with online giving, please call 860-486-5000.

What happens after we receive the gift

You will receive a gift receipt from the UConn Foundation that lists the amount of your gift, the date we received it, the fund you donated to, and the name of the person you made the gift in honor or memory of.

The Foundation sends notification letters to honorees and decedents’ families once a week. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your gift to be received, processed, and for the honoree/family to be notified. Also, please be sure to include the name and address of those who should be notified of your gift.


Thank you again for supporting UConn! If you have additional questions about honor and memorial gifts, please contact:

Betsy Pigeon
Director of Stewardship
Phone: (860) 486-6948